Nacewicz calls Republican's attacks “way off target.”

September 14, 2010

PLAINVILLE- Democratic candidate for State Representative Stanley J. Nacewicz has issued a statement to the Ninth Norfolk District rebutting his opponent on the tax issue.

[The statement can be found in the Walpole Times @]

Nacewicz, a longtime Plainville resident and the current appointed Chief Tax Assessor for the City of Attleboro, MA is running against Norfolk corporate lawyer Daniel Winslow in the race for State Representative of the Ninth Norfolk District.

“My opponent has labeled my excise tax proposal as a mandated tax increase and it’s completely false. He’s obviously failed to see that 1) the plan is entirely an option for communities, 2) if the communities decide to implement the plan, the direct revenue generated would go directly back to the communities (unlike sales tax which goes back to the Commonwealth) and 3) the current excise tax system as it stands needs to be updated.”

Nacewicz continues, “The reason I introduced the plan in the news article was to try to stimulate the local economies to generate some income for the area, total under their local control and not that of the State. If he’s going to criticize me over trying to come up with ideas on how to get our folks back to work while generating income for the Ninth District, he’s clearly misled and misleading us as taxpayers.”

Nacewicz also touts his experience in the issues. “I’ve spent twenty-three years on the Board of Assessors in Plainville and nine years as the appointed Chief Tax Assessor for the city of Attleboro and have extensive experience in dealing with taxes and their effects on the citizens of Massachusetts. Anyone who doubts that I’m strongly against tax increases can see my stances on my website,

Nacewicz also disagrees with Winslow’s criticism of his sales tax proposal, “It’s also abundantly clear to me that my opponent doesn’t understand the tax system we have in Massachusetts.” He adds, “It’s a very weak argument to label my plan a ‘tax increase’ when I’d like to lower the sales tax to 5-5.75%. He’s clearly unaware that we’re already at a 6.25% sales tax rate already.”

Nacewicz adds, “My opponent has also failed to mention the plan I’ve proposed to freeze property taxes on Senior Citizens. This plan will help seniors be able to stay in their homes instead of having to be forced out due to tax hikes.”

Nacewicz also stated that “while Dan Winslow may have been endorsed by tax watchdog group Citizens for Limited Taxation,” Nacewicz notes that, “were it not for my efforts on April 24th, 2010, we would be facing another property tax increase from the Massachusetts Legislature.”
Nacewicz finally adds, “I was happy to work with CLT on this project and they’ve credited me with bringing this issue to their attention.”

[The Citizens for Limited Taxation article that Nacewicz refers to can be found at, under “Chip Ford’s CLT Commentary.”]

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