Brad Marston challenging Marty Walz for the 8th Suffolk Representative District

» Marty Walz (D) $83,000 incumbent
» Brad Marston (R) $8,000

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Some Notes on Marty Walz:

$83,000 in campaign fund. OCPF reports show she has taken a lot of lobbyist and PAC money.

Her issues page:

She is a pro-abortion extremist on the board of NARAL.

Notes on Brad Marston:

$8,000 in campaign financing, and taken no lobbyist or PAC money.

Notes on the District:

Very Democratic district.  Back Bay, Beacon Hill, MIT, and CambridgePort.

Camb: 58% D, 5%R,, 35% I

Boston:  55% D, 7%R, 36% I

Skews female. Cambridgeport 30% black. Back Bay 100% white. Beacon Hill mixed. Cambridge port very young. Beacon Hill older

School age children only in lots of school age children in Cambridgeport.

Votes cast 2008:

walz: 13,821

others: 151

blank: 4923

total: 18895


walz: 9540

others: 106

blanks: 2642

total: 12288

Marston needs to turn out 8000 voters to win.

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