Marston Campaign accuses Representative Marty Walz of blocking debates

Brad Marston

Candidate for State Representative in the Eighth Suffolk willing to debate incumbent “Anywhere. Anytime”

In July, Representative Walz told her Republican challenger in the Eighth Suffolk District via letter “I anticipate that local organizations will organize debates this fall, and I look forward to participating in them with you.” With only three weeks left before Election Day, no community organizations or local press have stepped forward to host/sponsor a debate. The Marston campaign is pushing for debates. The heads of both the Beacon Hill and West End Civic Associations have stated they want to sponsor debates. Yet they still aren’t happening.

In a statement released by the Brad Marston for State Representative campaign Marston said “If Representative Walz had simply told me she wasn’t interested in debating me I could respect that. I wouldn’t think it served the interests of the voters, but I could at least respect it. To tell me that she is “looking forward to participating in [debates]” but then going behind my back and blocking them smacks of the ‘politics as usual’, ‘say one thing and do another’ scheming that voters tell me they are are fed up with and is typical of Representative Walz.

The Back Bay Association expressed interest until they found out who my opponent was. The Beacon Hill Civic Association says she hasn’t returned their calls regarding debates and the West End Civic Association told me Represenative Walz said she wasn’t interested.

I have made it clear to both Representative Walz and these great civic organizations that I am willing to debate anywhere, anytime. I believe voters want to hear specifics of how we will respond to the daunting challenges facing the Eighth Suffolk District and cities and town across Massachusetts.

Now after more than five years, Representative Walz is finally talking about jobs and the economy. She touts big government programs and hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits. Unfortunately, with the out of control costs of feeding a bloated, dysfunctional bureaucracy, I think the arrows are out of that quiver. I believe that streamlining our business and economic development bureaucracy and creating a clear, concise and cost effective regulatory climate will lead to more job creation while spending less of tax payers money.

According to the latest version of the Issues page on her website and after voting to raise taxes nearly $2 billion in the middle of a recession, Representative Walz doesn’t even pretend to be concerned about keeping taxes low. I have taken the ‘No New Taxes’ pledge and am endorsed by the Citizens for Limited Taxation. On the Issues page at I identify nine specific areas where we can cut hundreds of millions of dollars in spending without affecting needed services. I also lay out a blueprint for identify hundreds of millions more.

Representative Walz also touts her record on ethics reform. What I and other voters in the Eighth Suffolk are waiting to hear is her justification for voting for Sal DiMasi for House Speaker just weeks before he resigned in disgrace. That’s not a vote I could have cast regardless of party affiliation.

There are clear differences between Representative Walz and myself. I believe the voters of the Eighth Suffolk District are entitled to an open and forthright debate. I am asking the press to openly encourage Representative Walz to participate.

I am asking our community organizations to schedule debates and leave it up to Representative Walz to prove as she claims in her letter that ‘[r]emaining accountable to local voters is [her] sole concern.’ In an effort to help her professed commitment, my campaign is in the process of securing public spaces throughout the District for open forums. Representative Walz is welcome to come and talk about her past record and vision for the future or I’ll do it for her.”


Brad Marston is the Republican Candidate for State Representative in the Eighth Suffolk District. He is a first time candidate having spent nearly 30 years in the private sector. He resides on Beacon Hill.

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