Mac D’Alessandro Challenges Stephen Lynch to Weekly Debates in Massachusetts’ 9th Congressional District’s Democratic Primary

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Mac D'Alessandro

Mac D’Alessandro, Democratic candidate for Congress from Massachusetts’ 9th district, issued a call yesterday for Stephen Lynch to join him in a series of four weekly debates leading up to Primary Election Day, on September 14. D’Alessandro urged that the debates be sited throughout the district, to give all residents of the 9th Congressional the opportunity to personally hear from both Democrats vying for their vote.

“There are critical issues at stake in this race, with stark, significant differences between Mr. Lynch and myself,” said D’Alessandro. “Whether it’s how we create jobs and get our economy moving again, how we make health care more accessible and affordable for everyone, or what we should be doing in Afghanistan and Iraq, we owe it to the voters to have a real, substantive conversation on the issues as we approach the primary election.”

D’Alessandro noted that, although both candidates are Democrats, they differ greatly on some of the most important issues facing the district and the nation.

Lynch voted against the Health Care Reform Bill, while D’Alessandro is a supporter of the Bill as a strong step forward in expanding access to health care for tens of millions of Americans, particularly children under the age of 26, making health care more affordable for small businesses, and ending some of the worst abuses of big health insurance companies.

D’Alessandro also points to Lynch’s votes for the Iraq War and its continued funding, as well as his support for the Patriot Act and its reauthorization, as significant differences between the two. D’Alessandro has opposed the Iraq War from the beginning and would not have voted to reauthorize the Patriot Act because it is an infringement on civil liberties.

In Washington, D’Alessandro will work to create good-paying jobs, keep families facing foreclosure in their homes, make health care affordable for families and small businesses, provide a quality public education for all our kids, and hold health insurance companies and Wall Street accountable.


  • guest
    August 7, 2010 - 12:22 am | Permalink

    Mac would probably like a debate in Cambridge or Somerville. It seems like that's where all of his supporters are coming from.

  • Noah
    August 19, 2010 - 2:09 am | Permalink

    In talking to people from across the district, Mac seems to have widespread support. This is turning into a very close race.

  • Noah
    August 18, 2010 - 10:09 pm | Permalink

    In talking to people from across the district, Mac seems to have widespread support. This is turning into a very close race.

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