Kurt Hayes: Vote YES on questions 4 and 5

Hayes drives Route 2 and Taxpayer Protection solutions to the ballot.

In addition to three statewide ballot questions, voters in the 37th Middlesex district towns of Shirley, Lunenburg, Lancaster, Harvard, Boxborough, and Acton will have two additional ballot questions for their consideration on November 2nd. State Representative candidate Kurt Hayes announced today that he and his supporters gathered the signatures that will put two non-binding questions before the voters of the district he hopes to serve as State Representative.

Question 4 will ask the voter, “Shall the representative from this district be instructed to vote in favor of legislation that would accelerate the completion of improvements to Route 2 in order to reduce traffic congestion and commute time and improve safety on Route 2 between I-495 and Route 128?”.

Question 5 will ask the voter, “Shall the representative from this district be instructed to vote in favor of legislation that would require proof of legal residence in Massachusetts before an applicant could obtain publicly-funded state benefits?”.

Commenting on the questions he drove on to the ballot, Hayes said, “I am looking to bring practical common-sense solutions and the voice of my constituents to the State House. Question 4 asks voters if they would like me to work on legislation that will finally get us moving forward with comprehensive improvements to Route 2 between I-495 and 128. Route 2 is one of the most heavily traveled, accident-prone, and congested stretches of road in the state. This is more than just reconfiguring the rotary. We must take a comprehensive view of the entire stretch of Route 2 between I-495 and 128. With special legislation and a public-private partnership model like that used to complete the recent Route 3 improvements, we can finally improve safety, lower commute times, and reduce emissions on this vital artery that connects our region with the 128 corridor and Boston. We have been talking and studying improvements to Route 2 for decades. The public-private partnership will enable us to finally move forward on infrastructure improvements that will benefit families, small businesses, and the towns along route 2 for decades to come. I will work to build and lead a coalition of regional legislators interested in moving forward together on the special legislation needed to get the public-private partnership in gear and moving ahead. I know it will be a long process but I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work.”

Addressing the other question he drove to the ballot, Hayes said, “Question 5 asks the voter if they would like me to work on passing legislation that would put specific measures in place to require proof of legal residence before an applicant can access publicly funded state benefits. This common-sense legislation has been proposed several times. Rather than taking a straight up-or-down vote on a controversial issue, Beacon Hill Democrats have kicked the can down the road by killing the measure with a vote to send it to ‘study’. I support this simple step to protect taxpayer dollars. With question 5, voters have the opportunity to voice their opinion on this issue.”

Concluding, Hayes said, “I’ll be voting YES on question 4 and question 5. If I earn the honor of representing the 37th Middlesex district as State Representative, I’ll take the vote of my constituents forward on these two ballot questions. Improvements to Route 2 will benefit the entire region. Also, we need proper safeguards to reserve taxpayer-funded services for those who are entitled to them as legal residents of Massachusetts.”

Kurt Hayes is the Republican candidate for State Representative of the 37th Middlesex district. The district is comprised of the towns of Lunenburg, Shirley, Harvard, Boxborough, and portions of Lancaster and Acton. The campaign website is KurtHayes.com.

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