Kurt Hayes Pledges Support for Municipal Healthcare Design Plan Reform

[ed_note]We received this message from Kurt Hayes, candidate for Representative in the 37th Middlesex District. Municipal Health Care Plan Design or “GIC Insurance” is one of those issues that goes beyond party lines and is about putting the interest of voters ahead of the interests of the politically connected.[/ed_note]

Kurt Hayes

“Just like with the largely cosmetic pension, ethics, and transportation reforms that Beacon Hill Democrats herald as ‘historic’, the Municipal Relief Act that recently passed the House on a straight party-line vote is long on rhetoric and short on real reform that provides actual immediate relief to municipal budgets that are in crisis. Democrat incumbents talk about being advocates for their towns and constituents back home, yet in the face of union leadership opposition they backed down and allowed the removal of this crucial provision that would simply give municipalities the same tools the state has to set co-pays and deductibles on healthcare plans without union approval. This reform will provide immediate relief to town budgets, help preserve key services for seniors, and help save jobs of teachers, police officers, and firefighters.”

If elected, I pledge my full support and vote to extending healthcare design plan authority to towns and cities. We must enact this common-sense reform as soon as possible in order to provide much needed relief to town budgets. Rank-and-file municipal union workers I talk with privately understand that we are all in this fiscal crisis together, and they are willing to share the sacrifice with their private sector neighbors in order to save jobs and preserve services. It’s union leadership and the incumbent Democrats they fund who reject this fair, necessary reform. It’s time for voters to balance Beacon Hill by electing new leaders like me who will represent their interests over special interests as we make tough decisions needed to get our state back on a path towards fiscal health.”

Kurt Hayes is the Republican candidate for State Representative of the 37th Middlesex district. The district is comprised of the towns of Lunenburg, Shirley, Harvard, Boxborough, and portions of Lancaster and Acton. The campaign website is KurtHayes.com.

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