Kurt Hayes: More broken promises, Benson Flip-Flops on Casinos

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During the 2008 campaign for State Representative, Democrat candidate Jen Benson was clear in her opposition to three new resort-style casinos in Massachusetts. The statements came during a televised debate with Republican challenger Kurt Hayes. Candidate Jen Benson stated, “I do agree with my opponent, I was opposed to the Governor’s proposal to bring casinos to the state.”

Perhaps foreshadowing her coming flip-flop, candidate Benson concluded, “I know the issue will return at some point in the future because there are a lot of advocates to bring casinos into the state.”

Once elected, State Representative Benson not only voted for three new resort-style casinos in Massachusetts, she went ‘all-in’ by also voting in favor of slots at existing tracks. The casino vote was one of 94% in which she voted with the party leadership and the Democrat Speaker of the House.
“Jennifer Benson’s flip-flop on casinos is another example of broken campaign promises that voters need to remember. On taxes and casinos Representative Benson’s voting record contradicts her campaign promises and rhetoric”, Hayes’ campaign manager, Karl Beckstein said. “This is not the voting record of an independent voice for her district. Voting with the Speaker 94% of the time is the voting record of a Beacon Hill insider. Her record shows that despite campaign promises, she will flip-flop and break those promises when it comes time to cast her vote”.

Commenting on the voting record of his opponent, Hayes said, “Opposition to the three-casino plan was one of the few things my opponent and I agreed on in 2008. It is disturbing to me and to voters to see that clear opposition melt away once elected and in the grips of Beacon Hill insiders and party leadership.”

Hayes added, “I continue to hold open town-hall meetings with voters to give my future constituents the opportunity to ask me face-to-face any questions on issue that are important to them. I will not be beholden to anyone on Beacon Hill or party leadership. I will answer to my constituents on the promises I make during this campaign. I will continue to hold open town-hall meetings with my constituents and always have my door open. My constituents will keep me accountable for making sure that my talk during this campaign is reflected in my actions as their State Rep.”

Kurt Hayes is the Republican candidate for State Representative of the 37th Middlesex district. The district is comprised of the towns of Lunenburg, Shirley, Harvard, Boxborough, and portions of Lancaster and Acton. The campaign website is KurtHayes.com.

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