Josh Cutler: I accept the nomination!

Josh Cutler

I am proud to be the Democratic nominee for State Representative for Pembroke, Duxbury, Hanson and Halifax.

The Democratic Party has a history of standing up for the little guy. Standing up for the middle class. For fiscal responsibility. I’m very proud to carry that banner on to November.

But let me also say this. I’m not running to be the representative of the Democrats. I’m running to be the representative for all the residents of our district.

We’ve seen too much partisanship from our current representative. We need to move away from the partisanship and get back in the business of problem solving.

We need to embrace good ideas wherever they come from. I don’t care if it’s a Democratic idea or a Republican idea, so long as it’s a good idea for our district.

Let’s face it. We need more good ideas.

Every day there are important decisions being made on Beacon Hill.

Decisions about our schools, our economy, about health care, about gambling, and a whole host of issues. These are decisions that affect our quality of life right here on the South Shore.

We need a voice in these decisions. That’s why I’m running for state representative.

We need to ensure that we’ve got someone on Beacon Hill looking out for us. Sticking up for our small businesses, for our schools and for all the things that make this a great place to live and raise a family.

Right now we don’ t have an effective voice.

We have a representative who treats this like a part-time job and gives a part-time effort. We have a representative more interested in practicing law than serving our needs.

We have a representative more interested in telling you who is to blame for our problems than in really working to solve them.

That needs to change. And with your help we’re gonna change it!

Because we’ve some problems that need solving. Big problems.

First and foremost we’ve got to get focused on getting our economy rolling again, and to me the best way to do that is by helping small business.

Unlike many politicians, I’ve actually run a business and created jobs right here in our district. I know what it takes to help small business and with your help we’ll be a voice for small business at the State House.

We’ve also got to put the focus back on our schools. We’ve been cutting and cutting local aid and it’s hurting our schools.

In this economy, we obviously can’t spend everything we want to spend or fund every worthwhile program we want to fund. We’ve got to make priorities. Just like you all do in your own families. We’ve got to make tough choices. And the choice for me is always going to be putting our schools first. That’s the key to everything. That’s what I’m going to fight for on your behalf.

The last thing I want to touch on is this: We need to deliver real reform to Beacon Hill. I’ve been knocking on doors across our district and I hear the same message again and again: Our government is not listening to us. They are just not listening.

People have lost faith in the institutions of state government, and at a time when we need them most. They have lost faith in part because of the many tales of waste, corruption and abuse we hear about every day.

They lose faith when they hear how state lawmakers are collecting taxpayer-funded “per-diems” just for driving to work.

They lose faith when they read how state lawmakers are pulling down six-figure salaries in their “other” jobs while getting paid to represent us.

They lose faith when they learn how state lawmakers don’t even show up for their roll call votes and then skip out on their own office hours.

That needs to change. We need more accountability. More transparency. We need to open up the process and let all voices be heard. And we need to find cost-effective solutions and not be afraid of challenging the special interests.

I’ve spent the last decade as a newspaper editor standing up for the public interest and I won’t be shy about doing the same thing as your representative.

We’ve got seven short weeks to make our case. It’s not easy running against a four-term incumbent, but with your help we can do it. Together we’ll bring a change to Beacon Hill. And not just a change for the sake of change, but a change for the better!

Let me end here with the same words I offer folks when I travel across the district knocking on doors.

My pledge to you is simple.

Work hard. Keep an open mind and never forget why I came to Beacon Hill: To represent you.

Thank you!

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