Joe Van Nes: It's Time We Got Tough On Politicians

[ed_note]We received this message from Joe Van Nes, and independent candidate for Congress in the 10th Congressional District. Cape Cod Online also has an interview with Mr. Nan Nes.[/ed_note]


Joe Van Nes

I am sick of hearing about politicians who are tough on terror, tough on drugs, tough on crime, tough on anything but themselves…. Its time that we got tough on politicians. If we can’t trust the people who lead us then everything else becomes a secondary priority. We have a two party system that caters to itself and rewards politicians who do the wrong thing, while making it harder for honest people to get elected. The big question is how do we get rid of a two party system that everyone, including the people who work for it, acknowledges to be corrupt?

Lets try these four steps for starters. (I would be open to suggestions)

1) Make a constitutional amendment that bans any for profit organization from endorsing candidates.

2) Buying of time/space in the media for candidates on the ballot is a felony punishable by 1 year in prison and barring from any elected official position for 25 years. Just like schools are not allowed to spend more money on female sports than male sports, the media should be legally subject to an equality law (when it comes to voter education) that does not violate the first amendment.

3) No form of monetary contribution can be made that exceeds $10 per person (right now the limit is $2400). Violations shall be punished by recipients ineligibility to hold office for life and a minimum of 1 year in prison for donors. This will have the effect of lowering the levels of allegiance politicians feel toward corporate and special interest ownership.

4) National elections are to be publicly funded (government grants for everyone on the ballot, $5000 for congress, $15,000 for senator $200,000 for president) and media organizations are to provide free and equal access to all candidates on the ballot during 3 months before the election. (this last one is only a good idea if steps 2 and 3 are also taken). An argument against this would be that too many people would try to get on the ballot. This argument can be easily cast aside however because anyone who has tried to get on a ballot can tell you how hard it is and how anyone who isn’t serious about running for office could invest their time better with something else.

(All this would be predicated on our ability to more closely monitor all financial transactions involving public servants.)

Talk about lack of creativity in our leaders. Just look at Obama. For the last 2 months he has been pushing a message of, vote for us, we are the lesser of two evils, or, you think we are bad, try the republicans…. I never bought into his spiel about change but now it’s becoming apparent that he doesn’t buy it either. In todays Huffington Post, Nancy Peloci: we will tie the GOP to corporate cash: “like doggy due stuck on your shoe.” Who the hell is Nancy Peloci, whose campaign raised over 2 million dollars, to talk about other candidates not being trustworthy because they raise too much money?

The red and blue colors of the parties has faded into a single purple party.

The Republicans get in power, do a terrible job and try to scare us into trusting the Democrats even less. Then the Democrats get in power do a terrible job and try to scare us into trusting the Republicans even less. Meanwhile they are both pushing the same terrible agenda which caters to a trickle up affect, the war on drugs, the war on terror, the bank bail out, the BP cover up, the privatization of our military, the legalization of all drugs unless they happened to be created by god, the right for corporations to pour unlimited resources into political campaign funds, the patriot act …. It’s a divide and conquer pyramid scheme that relies on fear mongering to keep us voting for more of the same. The who system is brought to you by the purple party, which is 95% bought, sold, traded and paid for by special interests.

On a personal note I have pledged never to take a contribution from a corporation and I would encourage the public to demand the same level of responsibility from other candidates. Representatives are not accountable unless we hold them accountable. Voters need to do the responsible thing by voting for people with less money, not more. If the newspapers are not willing to lead the charge to stimulate and inform American voters, then who will?

A free press is America’s first line of defense against corruption. Lack of voter awareness is the reason the purple party has stayed in power so long. Individual reporters could play the most important role in getting this country back together if they would give all candidates the attention necessary to educate voters about their options.

There is lots of information on my website…

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  • Jimpillsbury
    October 8, 2010 - 10:02 pm | Permalink

    Nice page and full of what voters want to read. You represent real positive change Joe. Keep talking the talk and give those who really care a reason to vote.

    Jim Pillsbury

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