Jill Stein's Online "Democracy Days" Fundraiser

Several supporters of Jill Stein for Governor have organized an online fundraising web site for Jill Stein called “Democracy Days“.

The concept is simple:

Democracy Days are single-day fundraising events that can blow the top off Beacon Hill corruption and influence-peddling and put the voice of We The People front-and-center in the decisions that affect our lives. With your help, we can take the “money bomb” concept and make it truly explosive, showing big money interests exactly what democracy looks like!

Your $10 contribution will be magnified by the power of grassroots activism and the use of the world wide web and social networking, pooling thousands of small donations together in support of a clean-money candidate who can best represent We The People in the corner office.

Once you donate, we hope you’ll invite 10 friends to join you. By getting just one friend (10%) to join you on the next Democracy Day, or two friends if you don’t plan on participating again, we can double the number of small contributions we get each time, and build the clean money tidal wave that will overwhelm the big-money voices that dominate Massachusetts politics.

The most recent ‘Democracy Day’ was on June 30th. They raised $3650 on the first Democracy Day, and $2800 on the second. These aren’t the huge numbers Stein’s competitors are raising from corporate interests, lobbyists and unions. But they are pretty good numbers for a single day grass roots event. Those of us interested in grass-roots independent politics should get involved.

You can sign up for the next “Democracy Day” on their facebook page. They are up to day 2. I’m not sure when Democracy Day 3 is – but there is plenty of time to get people involved.

The Need for Clean Elections

YouTube Preview Image

Eli Beckerman has been writing about the need for a Clean Elections law and for independent candidates who are not beholden to special interest money. He goes after former Speaker Tom Finneran, and the entire culture of insider politics on Beacon Hill:

Nobody symbolizes the interests of organized money to corrupt the political process in Massachusetts, to generally subvert the will of the people, and in one notorious instance, to squash the Clean Elections Law, more clearly than disgraced former House Speaker Tom Finneran.

Finneran’s king-like rule over the Massachusetts Legislature was legendary, setting the stage for years of supplicant legislators fearful that crossing him and subsequent House Speakers might land them punishment in the form of basement offices, bad committee assignments, or marginalized hopes for influencing legislation. Those who did the Speaker’s dirty work were rewarded with lucrative committee chairmanships, legislative boondoggles for their home districts, and other tempting rewards. Finneran’s role in peddling influence in the State House should have landed him in jail but much of the corruption he was engaged in was perfectly legal.

But it was Finneran’s posturing against the voter-mandated Clean Elections Law that placed him right at the heart of the battle between special interests and the public interest. Voters who approved the measure by a 2-to-1 vote were stonewalled for years as Finneran, who called the law “welfare for politicians”, did everything in his power to stop the legislature from doing what it was legally required to do and appropriate money to fund Clean Elections candidates who met certain criteria to be eligible for Clean Elections funds.

It is absolutely worth reading the whole thing.

Voters need to start drawing a difference between the things our elected official say ( which we often all agree with ) and the things they actually do. We need to look at who is paying our legislators in cash and favors, and what they are getting for it.

When so much in government happens behind closed doors it’s difficult for citizen to really know what deals are being made. We can never really find out the majority of the insider deals that happen. But we can eliminate one of the major corrupting forces in our political system – by bringing back the clean elections law.

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