Jill Stein Qualifies for Ballot – Declares Four-Way Race for Governor

[ed_note]We received this article by Michael Horan from the Green-Rainbow Party[/ed_note]


Jill Stein, Green-Rainbow Party candidate for governor, held a press conference outside the State House this morning to announce that her supporters had gathered enough signatures to qualify her for the November ballot. Stein and her running mate, Rick Purcell, needed 10,000 certified signatures to qualify. At the press conference, Stein projected that she would have approximately 12,000 certified signatures in total. This includes over 9,000 certified signatures already returned to the campaign from town halls, and several thousand more that were submitted in the past 48 hours, in advance of the 5 p.m. deadline yesterday.

The following is an excerpt from her remarks:

“I’m here in front of the State House to announce that the governor’s race is now officially a four-way race, and no longer just among members of the Beacon Hill boys club,” Stein said. “We will bring an important new voice into the race, because without our voice in the mix, only one point of view – the Beacon Hill point of view – is being covered. The three Beacon Hill candidates all:

  • Support gambling casinos, while over 1/3rd of Massachusetts voters oppose casinos;
  • Support insurance company-friendly health reforms, and controlling health care costs by shifting them on to the backs on working and middle income families;
  • Support the expansion of corporate entitlement programs, and the slashing of critical programs in public safety, local aid, schools, the environment and the safety net.
  • Favor high stakes testing and creeping privatization of public schools.

“The three Beacon Hill insiders are giving us variations on a theme drawn from a very narrow part of the political spectrum – a part of the spectrum that favors the insiders, the big money interests, and entrenched power. The people of our Commonwealth have deep and sincere disagreements with many parts of this approach. They deserve to have a voice in the debate that can speak for them.”

“And finally, I am especially proud that our campaign is the only one offering a new vision for jobs. Unlike the other campaigns, we’re talking not about 15,000 low wage, dead end, insecure casino jobs in just three communities. We’re talking about 50,000 green jobs in every community – in renewable energy, energy efficiency, healthy local food production, clean manufacturing, and sustainable transportation. These are jobs that not only put people back to work, but they also keep the money in state, enriching our communities. And they make us healthier by cleaning the air, improving nutrition, and reclaiming an active lifestyle. This economic transformation will help prevent chronic diseases that are the major driver in the staggering health care bill eating up half of our state budget. Voters deserve the chance to vote for this type of future for themselves and their children. And with their help, we’re going to get Beacon Hill back to work for everyday people, building the healthy, just, secure green future we urgently need.”


  • Timothy Dillon
    August 8, 2010 - 7:31 pm | Permalink

    Good luck getting you message out but don't forget, Spain lost 2.2 jobs for every 1 job “created” by the state in their “green economy” and now they are stopping the subsidies because they can no longer afford them. Along with the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and the Czech Republic. I believe in renewable energy but don't forget about the enormous costs involved. You can't flip the economy from one to the other and just expect it to work. Costs have to be absorbed at a sustainable rate. It is happening but it is going to take more time.

    Avon, Ohio is looking into windmills and their Mayor, Jim Smith, said, the cost of a turbine is about $1.9 million, but if the city applies for state and federal grants, they could knock the price down to about $1.1 million.

    “We feel that we can, based on the preliminaries, in the first year, we could save $37,000 and take that money and put it into the capital improvement fund for that area,” Smith said. “It will take seven to eight years for it to pay for itself.”

    I don't know how he became the mayor with math skills like that because it will take about 30 years to pay for itself. Then you have the cost of labor to assemble the turbines and construction to prepare the areas for the windmills. Now your looking at over 30 years just for one turbine. I wonder if he added those cost in?

    So who builds the windmills anyway? China? Somebody else? Or are they all built in the USA right down to the circuit boards? I'm guessing it won't be.

    I too would like to see a Star Trekkian utopia but Star Trek The Next Generation was set four hundred years into the future. It certainly won't happen in your lifetime so be patient! Rome wasn't built in a day. Nether were the Pyramids or The Great Wall of China. Even the cement in the Hover Dam is still curing! Put ideas in motion now to be realized long after we are gone.

    Our society demands everything and many people keep teaching their children the same selfish behavior. It has to stop or our society is only going to get worse until it collapses under it's own childishness.

    Instead of jumping up and down pointing fingers and screaming they're doing everything I don't like. You need to worm you way into their parties and devour them from the inside out. After all, isn't that what you progressives do best?

    Timothy Dillon.

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