James Gettens, 12th Worcester Representative Candidate – Position on Taxes

I oppose the new and increased taxes and fees implemented in August, 2009, to feed bloated state payrolls, perks, pensions and programs. These were passed by irresponsible and reckless INCUMBENT LEGISLATORS, including my opponent; and a GOVERNOR, wholly owned by public employee unions, expanding an unresponsive, burgeoning state government at the expense of ordinary citizens and taxpayers. These craven legislators and governor, unwilling to face down greedy public employee unions, added a net 2000 ‘on-budget’ state employees in 2008-2009, and then cut local aid and outreach programs across Massachusetts by a total of $456 MILLION. That shows us who these INCUMBENTS really answer to and to whom they are beholden.

I gathered ballot initiative petition signatures to roll back the state sales tax to 3%. That initiative will appear on the 2010 general election ballot. If passed, that initiative will save hardworking taxpayers money and, I hope, force the legislature and Governor to act responsibly by cutting bloated state payrolls and programs, not local aid and education funding. INCUMBENT legislators have ignored a previous ballot initiative, passed years ago by a substantial majority, requiring the state income tax to be restored to its usual 5% level. These contemptuous and contemptible INCUMBENTS need to be voted out of office in 2010!

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