Gloves Come Off at Debate Between Chris Doherty and Eileen Donoghue

Last night Donoghue and Doherty, candidates for the 1st Middlesex Senate District, debated at Nashoba High School. Doherty has been running an exceptionally negative campaign. Doherty is finally answering him aggressively, and sparks really flew at this debate.

The debate starts at about 14:30.

In her opening statement Donoghue pointed out how Doherty has been running a negative campaign. The debate gets aggressive at 24:00 when the moderator asks about Doherty’s negative attacks. Donoghue calls characterized Doherty’s attacks:

I think illegal is illegal and I would enforce the law. He used it to try to distort my position today and that is unfair. It was just a cheap shot.

At 28:30 Doherty goes after Donoghue in very raw terms:

As mayor of Lowell, you were talking tough against gangs and drugs while at the same time representing drug dealers who are in New Bedford in the largest drug case in the history of the state and those drugs come to the streets of Lowell and we know that. …

It is one thing to say you are tough on crime when you are a public official, but you don’t have to take these cases. Everyone is entitled to representation but a lawyer doesn’t have to take each and every case.

And Donoghue answers him:

It is just remarkable that a former prosecutor would suggest that people don’t have a 6th Amendement right to a defense. The fact is everyone does have a constitutional right with I swore to uphold. The fact is that as an attorney appointed by the the Criminal Justice Act Board, and because I speak Spanish, my services are sought out. I do it as a service. It is a professional commitment. There is nothing wrong [with it]. And to suggest that a criminal defense, or any attorney is disqualified when they are doing their job is reprehensible. It really is.

The Lowell Sun has more coverage of the debate.

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