Election News: Perry's Campaign Taking Off

Sal DiMasi asks for Corruption Charges to Be Dismissed. Judge says No.

The Herald reports that former House Speaker Sal DiMasi asked a federal judge to dismiss the latest charges in his corruption trial because they aren’t ‘related closely enough’ to the main charges. The judge refused. And it looks like gubernatorial candidate and current State Treasurer Tim Cahill may have to testify. It going to be quite an interesting election.

Jeff Perry’s Campaign for Congress Taking Off

A lot of good things have been happening in Jeff Perry’s bid for 10th Congressional. He announced today an endorsement by Sen. Scott Brown. His facebook and twitter numbers are rising fast. He’s got that Perry Patriots thing going. Joe Malone had his campaign kickoff yesterday, and got an endorsement from Bill Weld. WBUR says it’s ‘old GOP vs. new GOP’. I think new GOP is winning.

Creem Files Bill to Restrict Newspapers from Publishing Children’s Names

The Newton Tab is reporting that Sen Cynthia Creem filed a bill that would restrict newspapers from publishing children’s names without their parent’s written permission. It seems reasonable at first, until you consider that most parents like it when their kid makes the papers. This bill would probably end the practice of newspapers publishing the names of kids who make the honor roll, who won an award or scored a little league home run. She says it’s on behalf of some concerned parents. We’re sad for kids who have paranoid parents.

Chronicle on WCVB to Air a Special Report on Alimony Reform: “Alimony Acrimony”

WCVW TV Channel 5 will air a special report on the problems with Massachusetts Alimony law and the efforts to reform it on Thursday, March 25 at 7:30. It comes at a very good time. Tomorrow a legislative task force on Alimony Reform is meeting for the second time. The legislative clock is running out and H1785 is already on a legislative extension. Hopefully they will come out with a good recommendation.

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