Debate Between Rep. Stephen Lynch and Mac D'Alessandro on Emily Rooney's Greater Boston

This is a 20 minute debate between Mac D’Alessandro and Stephen Lynch. That brings the total debate time to 35 minutes so far in this race. Lots of talk about health insurance reform and Lynch’s controversial vote. Lynch comes off strong again. Mac has been going after Lynch on the health insurance vote all race long, but when he finally gets to debate him, Lynch gets most of the time to talk in detail about his views on health insurance. Lynch speaks for 80% of the time on that question.

The Milton Patch has coverage of the 3rd debate in Norwood. There was an exchange over D’Alessandro’s recent negative mailers. I don’t know why why Lynch hasn’t been more available for debates. He does well in them. D’Alessandro makes the point that he felt the mailers were necessary because Lynch wasn’t until recently available for debates.We have our own coverage of the negative mailers – with photos.

We have video of the first debate with Jon Keller here.

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