Dan Winslow: Mending Roads, Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners

Winslow Proposes New Idea to Cut Millions of Waste in State Roadway Spending

[ed_note]Dan Winslow has sent us another one of his many innovative legislative proposals[/ed_note]


South Street in Medfield, posted with a speed limit of 30 mph, has a design in excess of 40 mph

State Representative candidate Dan Winslow today proposed to reform the state transportation standards to eliminate millions of dollars of wasted money on state-funded road construction and instead to stretch tax dollars to allow repaving of local roads and create more construction jobs in Massachusetts communities. Existing state specifications require towns that use state roadway funds to rebuild roads that encourage faster vehicle traffic than posted speed limits. Road construction with faster design speeds, however, is more expensive than simply rebuilding roads to match existing speed limits. Winslow would require roadway design speeds to match posted speed limits, which would save millions of dollars of transportation money each year.

“It costs more money to build a road with a 40 mph design speed than a 30 mph design speed,” Winslow noted, “so new roadways that allow faster traffic than posted speed limits waste money and create a safety hazard through neighborhoods. Instead of requiring towns to overengineer road construction, the state should aim for cost savings by matching design speeds to the posted speeds which will save millions of dollars each year.” Winslow pointed out that these cost savings can instead be used for local road repaving projects to improve infrastructure and create local construction jobs.

“Skipping repaving of a road is like skipping paint on building,” Winslow said, “since the costs to repair damaged roads increase as pavement is undermined.” Outdated state road specifications waste money and deprive towns of needed road maintenance funding, according to Winslow. “If elected, I will work to cut wasteful state spending, encourage local job creation, and improve local road infrastructure,” he said.

Dan Winslow is the former Presiding Justice of the Wrentham District Court. The 9th Norfolk House district includes the towns of Wrentham, Plainville, Norfolk and parts of Medfield, Millis and Walpole. Winslow is facing Plainville Democrat Stanley Nacewicz, owner of the former Falk’s Market in downtown Plainville. Details of Winslow’s proposal are available at his campaign website.

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