Coverage of the CDCC Candidates Debate for Cambridge State Senator

The Cambridge Chronicle and the Everett Independent today posted their coverage of the CDCC debate between the candidates for the state senate seat vacated by Sen. Anthony Galluccio.

The Everett Independent article also has an interesting bit about some independent polling they have received which puts DiDomenico in the lead followed by Flaherty and then Albano:

Some polling results that we have received at the Independent reveal a close contest between Flaherty and DiDomenico.

DiDomenico apparently is leading Flaherty in Everett while Flaherty is ahead of DiDomenico in Cambridge, Allston-Brighton, Chelsea and Charlestown.

If DiDomenico can control 70% of the Everett vote  …  then DiDomenico can lose in most of the other communities by close margins and still come away with a victory.

If Everett’s turnout for DiDomenico totals only 50% or 55%, then Flaherty’s pluralities in Chelsea, Charlestown, Cambridge and Allston-Brighton could mean a victory for him.

That’s about the way I see it too. Turnout for this election is expected to be low, so whoever can turn out their voters best will take it. One of the real wild cards here is if Benzan can turn out the district’s 20% of Hispanic voters where he has a great deal of support.

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