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Petrucelli Addivinola

Frank Addivinola: Massachusetts is waiving our rights to elect a President

[ed_note] We received this editorial from Frank Addivinola, candidate for 1st Suffolk & Middlesex Senate District.[/ed_note]


Frank Addivinola

The Massachusetts Legislature approved a new law that bypasses the Electoral College system used by the states to elect a President. This new law would ensure that the winner is determined by the national popular vote and all 12 of our state’s electoral votes will be awarded to the candidate who receives the most votes nationally.

Our founding fathers established the Electoral College system because our country was created as a Federal Republic. They wanted to prevent that a President be elected by large urban centers and gave individual states the power to participate in the outcome.

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Petrucelli Addivinola

Frank Addivinola challenging Sen. Anthony Petruccelli for the 1st Suffolk & Middlesex Senate District

» Anthony W. Petruccelli (D) incumbent
» Frank John Addivinola (R)

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