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Fargo Dahlberg Martinez

Eric Dahlberg and Sandi Martinez Debate for 3rd Middlesex Senate District

Sandi Martinez and Eric Dahlberg are running for the Republican nomination for the 3rd Middlesex Senate District. Third Middlesex includes Waltham, Bedford, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Concord, Lexington and parts of Lincoln, Sudbury, and Weston. This district has been trending more Republican in the last few years and Rep. Susan Fargo is vulnerable. This debate was sponsored by the Lowell Sun.

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Doherty Donogue Buba

Is Chris Doherty Running a Scorched Earth Campaign Against Eileen Donoghue?

Doherty Attack Flier - Click to Enlarge

Chris Doherty has been running an aggressive campaign against former Lowell Mayor Eileen Donoghue for the 1st Middlesex Senate District. Donoghue was by far the better known candidate going into the race, but Doherty has been making fast progress. He has been vocal in debates attacking Donoghue on her record and her positions on issues.

Some people have been questioning if Doherty’s campaign isn’t getting a little bit “Karl Rovian”.


But are Doherty’s Attacks Unfair?

Politics can be a rough game. With the electorate in a particularly sour mood, voters appreciate a candidate who is unapologetic about calling out an opponent on political scandals. But the criticisms have to be fair and accurate.

Doherty has been saying a lot of things about Donoghue’s record. Is he right?

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Patronage Jobs Rush Williams Walsh

As the Probation Department Scandal and Inquiry Widens, Rush’s Silence is Deafening

[ed_note]We received this message from the Brad Williams campaign.[/ed_note]

Mike Rush
Mike Rush

State Representative Rush failed to adequately respond to State Senate candidate Brad Williams’ call for Rush to fully disclose and explain his involvement with the Massachusetts Probation Department scandal as outlined by the Boston Globe Spotlight Team on May 23, 2010. In an article published on May 29, the Boston Globe states, “Rush responded in an e-mail to the Globe, writing, ‘I have no comment.’”

Williams stated that “Rush’s flip response to these serious allegations against him only serve to discredit Rush’s denials of impropriety. In particular, he should respond to allegations from within and outside of the Probation Department that he has used his position on the House Ways and Means Committee to unduly influence the hiring decisions at the Probation Department – or what I called ‘tribal patronage’ in a recent Boston Globe article.” As long as the Probation Department is under investigation, Williams calls on Representative Rush to disclose and disgorge any campaign contributions received from Probation Department employees and their families over his four terms in office.

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Creem Rudnick

Creem and Rudnick at the Brookline Town Hall Candidates Forum

Here is video of the Candidates Forum at the Brookline Town Hall hosted by the Brookline Democratic Town Committee.


Part 1: Opening Statements

YouTube Preview Image

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Creem Rudnick

Charles Rudnick: Grassroots Campaign By the Numbers

[ed_note]The following statement was released by the Charles Rudnick Campaign. Charles Rudnick is a candidate for the 1st Middlesex and Norfolk Senate Distrct [/ed_note]


With one week to go, Charles Rudnick, progressive Democratic candidate running for State Senate to represent Brookline, Newton, and Wellesley, announces that his campaign has knocked on the doors of 12,175 families, including homes in every precinct of the district. The campaign has also called 15,810 families, collected over 1,000 signatures to be on the ballot (only 300 were required), and written 11,234 postcards to follow up on these conversations.

“I’m offering engaged, accessible, and energetic leadership for the future,” said Rudnick. “Individual contact with voters is a focal point of my campaign. The energy I am putting into engaging with the people of Newton, Brookline and Wellesley is something I will continue as State Senator.”

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10th - Perry Malone Keating 4th - Frank Bielat Sholley 9th - Lynch D'Alessandro Lepor Calter Truschelli Quelle Joyce Burr Livingston Kamal Jain Mary Connaughton Nyman Valanzola Welch Davis State Auditor

Plymouth County Republican Straw Poll Results

The Plymouth County GOP held a straw poll last night that gives us some insight into a number of Plymouth County Republican primaries.

Not a lot of surprises here, but except maybe how lopsided some of the results were. Results after the jump.

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Rush Williams Walsh

Senate candidate Michael Walsh calls for an apology from opponent Mike Rush

Mike Walsh

In his interview with the editorial board for the Community Newspapers Company (posted August 30, 2010), my opponent Mike Rush was asked about debating me, Michael F. Walsh. I have outspokenly requested several debates prior to the democratic primary on September 14th. Rush responded:

“Going to Dunkin Donuts and (having) a street brawl debate, I don’t think that anyone benefits from it.”

Those words are condescending and egotistical, especially since on September 1, 2010, I attended a candidate forum for the Suffolk and Norfolk District Senate seat hosted by the Newbridge on the Charles in Dedham, moderated by Dorothy Kelly-Gay, a respected professional and former Mayor of Somerville.

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Alimony Reform Creem Rudnick Shared Parenting

Cynthia Creem's Campaign Manager Lies About Creem's Record on Family Court Reform

[ed_note]The Globe article has been corrected. Sherry was either misquoted or retracted the statement. The correction isn’t clear about what happened. We don’t have any issue with the Creem campaign’s current statement.[/ed_note]


Cynthia Creem

Following today’s endorsement of Charles Rudnick by Warren Tolman and George Bachrach, the Globe contacted the Creem Campaign for a reaction.

Toward the end of the article, Mike Sherry, Cynthia Creem’s campaign manager, tells a whopper:

“Sherry said Creem has set up a task force that is going to report back with a proposal to change state child custody and alimony laws, and he said that by this time next year the senator expects consensus legislation will be passed.”

Creem is in a very tough race, with Rudnick probably in the lead. (See the Newton Tab’s online poll). And she finds herself on the defensive about her failure to make progress on two popular family court reform bills for Alimony Reform (H1785) and Shared Parenting (H1400).

Creem has tried to portray her obstructionist record, and the fact that she belatedly organized a lobbyist filled task force to study Alimony Reform as a record of leading on Alimony Reform. And she has parsed her words carefully minimizing her work as a divorce lawyer by saying she only “litigated” a few divorces this year. Anyone with experience in family law knows that only about one case in 20 is litigated. For each case litigated probably 20 were represented.

But her campaign has avoided saying outright untruths – until now.

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Creem Rudnick

Warren Tolman and George Bachrach Endorse Charles Rudnick

[ed_note]Former State Senators Warren Tolman and George Bachrach have issued the following statement endorsing Charles Rudnick for State Senate[/ed_note]


Charles Rudnick and Cynthia Creem

To the Editor:

We have great respect for state Senator Cynthia Creem.  We share her progressive values and we appreciate her progressive voting record.  But we strongly support Charles Rudnick for election to the state Senate representing Brookline, Newton and Wellesley.


We have both served in the state Senate.  We understand how it works.  There are two kinds of state senators…those who lead and those who follow.  Leadership is hard.  It requires courage and creativity and independence.

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Attorney General Baddour Downing Cole Cynthia Creem Patronage Jobs Rush Williams Walsh

Rep. Thomas Petrolati Trying to Block Investigation of the Probation Patronage Scandal

Thomas Petrolati

The Globe on Sunday has a very important article about Rep. Thomas Petrolati’s attempts to thwart the investigation into the patronage scandal at the probation department.

Petrolati is at the center of some of the most egregious patronage abuses. His wife Kathleen is a top manager at Probation. A former aide, Andre Pereira, and the husband of his current aide, Colleen Ryan all have Probation jobs that pay more than $74,000.  Scores of financial supporters have also received jobs at the Probation Department. And Petrolati is a close friend of Probation Commissioner John “Jack” O’Brien, who was suspended in May after the Globe revealed a pattern of political favoritism in hiring.

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