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Middlesex Suffolk & Essex – Cambridge, Everett, Somerville, Boston, Chelsea, Revere and Saugus

Flaherty DiDomenico

Candidates for Galluccio's Seat to Debate Thursday March 18th at CDCC

Cambridge Senior Center

All six of the announced Democratic candidates have accepted invitations to take part in the Cambridge Democratic City Committee’s Candidate’s Forum.  The candidates include (in alphabetical order):

The debate will take place Thursday, March 18th, at 7:00pm, at the Cambridge Senior Center, 805 Massachusetts Ave, across from City Hall. All are welcome to attend and to submit questions for the candidates. read more »

Flaherty DiDomenico

Special Election Debate – Albano Strongest Independent

Debate at Chelsea City Hall

The first debate for disgraced former Senator Galluccio’s seat was held tonight at Chelsea City Hall. It’s getting clearer who the leaders are – Albano, DiDomenico and Flaherty. Only one really stood out as the independents’ choice – Mike Albano.

This is a very short race – just 34 days left. It’s going to take a big effort for Albano to gain the name recognition he needs against some established and well financed competitors.

All three major candidates did well. But Albano was the most eloquent and compelling. His deep and resonant voice catches people’s attention. On so many issues – foreclosures, jobs, public education, drugs – he came back to the same important point – there is so much that needs to be done, yet year after year Beacon Hill fails to act:

“Why don’t we have any of this? These are good ideas. Why are they not acted on, on Beacon Hill. We need so much now. We need everything right now. What the heck is going on?”

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Marjorie Decker Withdraws from Senate Race

Marjorie Decker

Marjorie Decker posted a press release yesterday announcing that she is withdrawing from the Senate race:

When the Special Election for State Senate was first announced, I considered the prospects for victory extremely promising. Since I announced my candidacy, the number of candidates has increased dramatically – more than doubling – thus my chances of winning have been greatly reduced.

In good conscience, I cannot ask my family, friends and supporters to give more time, effort and financial support if there is no realistic prospect of success.

This is of course good for the remaining 6 candidates, but especially those from Cambridge: Flaherty and Denise Simmons. This is especially good for Simmons as it makes her the only woman in the race.

It’s not such good news for DiDomenico, as now he has a very strong competitor in Cambridge who doesn’t have to split the vote in his base with a popular City Councilor.

Flaherty DiDomenico

Candidate Roundup – Middlesex Suffolk & Essex

Everett Massachusetts
Everett Massachusetts

The race for the Middlesex Suffolk & Essex seat really can be won by almost anyone. This is a very short election. All seven candidates are running in the Democratic primary on April 13th. Given that the district is leans strongly Democratic, whoever wins the primary is almost certain to get the seat even if a strong Republican challenger appears.

Since its a special election for a single state level position, with seven very similar progressive candidates its likely that there will not be a strong turnout for the election. So this race will  be won by a candidate who gathers as few as about 4000 votes. Its going to come down to who has the best ground game – who  can get the largest number of hardcore supporters to the polls on April 13th.

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Flaherty DiDomenico

Tim Flaherty Raises $60,000 in a Single Event

Tim Flaherty

Tim Flaherty‘s campaign released this press release:

The Committee to Elect Tim Flaherty last night hosted a major fundraising event that brought in over $60,000 for the campaign, according to a press release this afternoon. The event, held in Boston at the Nine Zero Hotel, drew over 200 supporters.

“Winning this election will require hard work, commitment, and the funds necessary to get our message out to voters,” said Flaherty, a former Assistant District Attorney. “Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our supporters, we will have all three. In the coming weeks, I look forward to talking with voters in the district about the issues that matter to them, such as jobs, education, and public safety, and I’m confident we’ll prevail on April 13th.”

The campaign reports that in less than one month, Flaherty has raised more than $80,000 for the special election.

That’s a lot of money for a single event in a State Senate race, and probably puts him well ahead of his competitors fund raising. Flaherty is a former prosecutor and a practicing lawyer. He has gotten his organization and fundraising efforts up quickly. And he has already gained the backing of 4 labor unions.

Clearly Tim is one of the favorites of the machine.

And why not, after all Tim Flaherty is the son of former house speaker Charles Flaherty, who went down in disgrace for tax fraud.

His public positions are straight party line Democratic positions which doesn’t bode well for him being much of an independent.

Flaherty DiDomenico State Senate

Our First Chance to Act

Senator Anthony D. Gallucio resigned in January after being sentenced to jail after being ordered to jail for violating the terms of his probation. A special election is being held May 11th, and a primary is being held April 13th.

This is our first chance to act.

The current announced candidates are:

With so many declared candidates, this should be a very interesting race.