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Doherty Donogue Buba

Gloves Come Off at Debate Between Chris Doherty and Eileen Donoghue

Last night Donoghue and Doherty, candidates for the 1st Middlesex Senate District, debated at Nashoba High School. Doherty has been running an exceptionally negative campaign. Doherty is finally answering him aggressively, and sparks really flew at this debate.

The debate starts at about 14:30.

In her opening statement Donoghue pointed out how Doherty has been running a negative campaign. The debate gets aggressive at 24:00 when the moderator asks about Doherty’s negative attacks. Donoghue calls characterized Doherty’s attacks:

I think illegal is illegal and I would enforce the law. He used it to try to distort my position today and that is unfair. It was just a cheap shot.

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Doherty Donogue Buba

Is Chris Doherty Running a Scorched Earth Campaign Against Eileen Donoghue?

Doherty Attack Flier - Click to Enlarge

Chris Doherty has been running an aggressive campaign against former Lowell Mayor Eileen Donoghue for the 1st Middlesex Senate District. Donoghue was by far the better known candidate going into the race, but Doherty has been making fast progress. He has been vocal in debates attacking Donoghue on her record and her positions on issues.

Some people have been questioning if Doherty’s campaign isn’t getting a little bit “Karl Rovian”.


But are Doherty’s Attacks Unfair?

Politics can be a rough game. With the electorate in a particularly sour mood, voters appreciate a candidate who is unapologetic about calling out an opponent on political scandals. But the criticisms have to be fair and accurate.

Doherty has been saying a lot of things about Donoghue’s record. Is he right?

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Doherty Donogue Buba

First Middlesex Senate District Candidates: Doherty, Donoghue, Buba

» Christian L. Doherty (D)
» Eileen M. Donoghue (D)
» James J. Buba (R)
Donoghue and Doherty at the WCAP debate.

Here is an audio debate between Eileen Donoghue and Chris Doherty recorded at the Little Theater at Lowell High School on Monday, August 16th, 2010. Both candidates come off really well – but Doherty seems more passionate and comes off a little better. But it is a good showing by both candidates.

More photos of the debate at Richard Howe’s blog. Gerry Nutter has a debate recap on his blog.

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