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Cynthia Creem gets Mass Bar's Legislator of the Year Award

On Thursday March 11th, Cynthia Creem was honored at the Massachusetts Bar Association’s 2010 Gala Dinner with their coveted “Legislator of the Year Award.” And it’s about time. After all, Sen. Creem has been carrying water for the lawyers’ lobbies for years. They say it best themselves:

As the co-chair of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, Creem weighs in on legislation related to criminal law, the courts and civil and equal rights. A sponsor of four bills on behalf of the MBA, Creem has a longstanding history of collaboration with the MBA.

When the various lawyers’ lobbies ( Mass Bar, Boston Bar, Women’s Bar, Academy of Matrimonial Attorneys, Real Estate Bar etc. etc. )  need to get something done they can count on Creem. She files about 4 bills on their behalf most years.

Cynthia Creem and lawyer lobbyist friends from the WBA

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Rudnick Pledges Not to Accept Contributions from Lobbyists

Charles Rudnick

Charles Rudnick launched a new campaign web site. His message is right on target. Even though Creem has a 2-1 funding advantage, Rudnick has pledged not to take any contributions from lobbyists or PACs:

Charles will fight for you as a full-time legislator and will refuse money from lobbyists, PACs and special interests.

His opponent Cynitha Creem is touting her support of ethics reform, having voted for H4133, a bill which would regulate lobbyists. The bill is a mixed bag. While it would regulate lobbyists, and increase penalties for bribery, the bill further weakens the open meetings law and does not ban outright campaign contributions from lobbyists as other states have done.

To date Creem has not pledged to refuse more campaign contributions from lobbyists.

Candidates are required to disclose their campaign contributions before the primaries. We will see then which of these candidates is the independent progressive.

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Cynthia Creem faces Ethics Questions over Alimony Reform

Cynthia Creem

The public debate over two dueling alimony reform bills has called into question whether Sen. Cynthia Creem has a conflict of interest.

There are two bills currently up for discussion in the Legislature, s1616 and h1785. Both concern time limits for alimony payments.

Massachusetts’ current alimony law does not empower judges to cap the duration of an alimony award, enabling post-divorce settlements that can last a lifetime. The current law has drawn fire from alimony payors who say they’ve been forced for years to pay large percentages of their incomes, occasionally forcing them into bankruptcy. read more »

1st Middlesex & Norfolk Creem Rudnick Cynthia Creem

PAC's Own Creem, Rudnick is Clean

Charles Rudnick
Charles Rudnick

An analysis of contributions to Sen. Cynthia Creem shows that her campaign is funded largely by PAC and lobbyist money. Charles Rudnick by contrast has pledged not to take money from lobbyists and PACs and is funded mostly by individuals – family and friends – and a big loan from his own funds.

Cynthia Creem starts off with a commanding campaign financing lead on Charles Rudnick. According to public campaign finance records Cynthia Creem has a political warchest of around $84,000. By comparison Charles Rudnick has raised only about $35,000. read more »

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Charles Rudnick is Running Against Cynthia Creem

Charles Rudnick
Charles Rudnick

Cynthia Creem is a six term senator. She’s been in office for 12 long years. She’s a practicing divorce lawyer and has been an opponent of all meaningful judicial reform especially as it pertains to family law reform.

This year we have an excellent opportunity to replace her.

Charles Rudnick has announced he is going to run against her. He’s experienced in Massachusetts politics, having been involved in the campaigns of Warren Tolman and Martha Coakley.

From Wicked Local Brookline:

“To me, it’s pretty simple; I feel strongly that we can do better in the Legislature,” Rudnick said. “They’re mired in scandal and awash in special interest money … I’d like to get in there and make a difference and fight for  progressive issues.”

I don’t know much about him yet, but it sounds like he understands the problem.

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Bob Norton's Anti-Creem Flier

This is one of the versions of the flier Bob Norton of is has been distributing. Readers should judge for themselves if it is defamatory.

The flier is embedded below, but if your browser does not support embedded PDF’s you can download the document here.