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Senate Reacts to Probation Department Scandal

Cindy Creem

Reforms likely to pass the Senate but not Robert DeLeo’s House of Representatives.

Following Sunday’s Globe exposé of patronage hires at the Probation Department, and yesterday’s move by the Supreme Judicial Court to suspend Probation Commissioner O’Brien, the Senate today proposed a budget amendment to reform some the Probation Department’s most egregious  structural problems, with a proposal that reduces some of the Legislature’s influence in Probation Department hiring.

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Dan Winslow Proposes Reforms to Curb Court Patronage Abuses

Dan Winslow

Dan Winslow is a former Presiding Justice of Wrentham District Court, and a candidate for Representative in the 9th Norfolk district. Following the Globe‘s recent investigative article about patronage jobs at the Probation Department, Winslow has posted a series of sensible reforms to curb court system abuses.

His statement follows:

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Dan Winslow and Robert Fennessy Running for 9th Norfolk Representative

Dan Winslow

An interesting race is shaping up in the 9th Norfolk district. Richard Ross, the incumbent in the 9th Norfolk district is running for Senate, and is doing pretty well. There is likely to be an open seat in the 9th Norfolk district.

Two candidates are vying for that seat:

Both are running on a platform of independence and reform – which is good news for the people of the 9th Norfolk District.

Another candidate, Stanley Nacewicz (D), an Attleboro city tax assessor, is considering entering the race.

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