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Packed Race for Brian Wallace's 4th Suffolk District

Jacob Bombard

Representative Brian Wallace has announced that he will not be seeking re-election in Boston’s 4th Suffolk District. The district consists of South Boston and a part of Dorchester. This open seat has attracted a bunch of new candidates:

These are just the announced candidates. It’s likely more candidates will join – even more young men with deep roots in Southie. Maybe as many as a dozen.

South Boston has a rough and tumble political flavor all its own. You can get a sense of what it’s like here. Candidates here don’t generally run on a campaign of detailed policy positions but it’s very much a place for retail politics. More than most places, it’s about how long your family has lived there, how deep your roots are, and who you know.

That’s generally the first thing any of these candidates address. They have to give the voters bona fides that they really are from the old neighborhood.

This is a large field of very young men – almost all brand new to politics. What do we know about them?

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