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15th Essex – Methuen – Linda Campbell, Al DiNuccio, Hector Montalvo

Campbell Mpontalvo DiNuccio

Fifteenth Essex Representative District Candidates: Campbell, DiNuccio, Montalvo

» Linda Dean Campbell (D) incumbent
» Al DiNuccio (R)
» Hector Montalvo (I)

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Campbell Mpontalvo DiNuccio

Two Men Challenging Rep. Linda Campbell

Linda Campbell

Linda Campbell will be facing two challengers,  Al DiNuccio (R)  and Hector Montalvo (I).

It may be a tough election for Campbell. Last term she barely squeaked by against Chris DiBella by only 496 votes in the primary. This is a tough year for Democratic incumbents especially in Methuen which went heavily for Scott Brown 64%-32%.

So it’s not surprising that Campbell is distancing herself from the party by calling herself a “very conservative Democrat.” But is she really? read more »