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Mike Lake Calls for Sheriff Guy Glodis to Resign Over his Refusal to Pay Taxes

Suzanne Bump Issues a Statement Condemning Glodis’ Failure to Pay Taxes

Plus a list of Guy Glodis’ “top 10″ other Ethics Problems

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The Globe published an article today about political campaign committees who have failed to pay taxes on earnings from the investments made with campaign money. Most of the candidates (Tim Cahill, Tim Murray, and Martha Coakley), have acknowledged the oversight and said they will pay their taxes immediately.

Guy Glodis’ campaign is also named, but he is taking a very strange position – he claims that it wasn’t an oversight – and he won’t pay.

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Candidates for State Auditor: Bump, Connaughton, Glodis, Lake and Jain

There are 5 candidates running for Massachusetts State Auditor:

» Suzanne Bump (D)
» Guy Glodis (D)
» Mike Lake (D)
» Mary Connaughton (R)
» Kamal Jain (R)
» Nat Fortune (G)

What does the State Auditor do?

The office of the state auditor (OSA) provides oversight into state agencies to make sure that funds are being spent legally, wisely and for the purposes intended by the legislature. The OSA is a watchdog agency that looks out for such things as:

  • lax financial controls which could result in state money being embezzled
  • conflicts of interest in awarding state contract
  • fraud, waste etc.

State Auditor is a position where political party or ideology matters less  than the auditor being someone with experience understanding how large organizations are funded, what are good accounting practices and most importantly someone with the highest level of integrity and honesty.

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