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Governor's Council 3rd District

Governor's Council 3rd District: Devaney, Ianuzzi, Belanger

Marilyn M. Pettito Devaney, the incumbent faces off against Corey A. Belanger in the primary race for the Democrats.   The Young Democrats of Massachusetts are hosting a debate on September 12th in Newton and have extended invitations to both candidates.

September 12th Update

On the eve of the state primary, the Brookline Tab has a good overview of this race and the candidates.  Devaney  is under close scrutiny by Belanger for her behavior on-and-off Beacon Hill.  And if Devaney makes it to the election in N0vember, it look like Iannuzzi, an Independent is not shy about stating his issues with her as well. 

Devaney has been on the Governor’s Council since 1998 and previously served on the Watertown Council since 1981 and retired last year from that post.  Belanger is a local business owner in Lowell and has been on the Lowell Zoning boardm in addition to other boards.  Ianuzzi is a Belmont family law attorney.

» Marilyn Petitto Devaney (D) incumbent
» Corey Belanger (D)
» Nick Ianuzzi (I)

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Governor's Council Governor's Council 3rd District

Nicholas Iannuzzi Running for Governor's Council 3rd District

Nick Iannuzzi

Nicholas Iannuzzi is running for the 3rd District of the Governor’s Council currently held by Marilyn Petito Devaney. Iannuzzi is running as an independent and hopes to be “a diligent and independent reviewer of the Governor’s recommendations.” Iannuzzi is has been a litigator in the area of family law, and touts his real world experience appearing before judges.

As we have done with a few other candidates, we conducted an email interview with Nick Iannuzzi.

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