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Governor's Council 2nd District

Rich Mitchell's Funny Cartoon About his Opponent Kelly Timilty

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The video makes reference to many controversies surrounding Kelly Timilty. Check out the following articles:

The District 2 Dems Against Another K. Timilty Campaign, and are led by Plainville Democratic Town Committee Chair Mary-Ann Greanier (who is acting independent of that position).

Greanier and a reported 35 of her allies have mobilized to roust Timilty from office. Their gripe: in 2008, Timilty admitted to using Governor Deval Patrick’s endorsement in campaign literature without consent and forging his signature. For the farce, she was fined $8000 by the attorney general’s office.

Greanier, claims Timilty is more or less an absentee delegate who collects her check and does little else. “what she did was insulting, obnoxious, and illegal enough that we don’t want her as our nominee.”

Timilty was chided in a recent issue of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly for attending fewer than half the weekly council meetings during the past year. But Timilty waved off the no-show charge at the forum, saying her attendance record is “neither here nor there.”

Councilor Kelly Timilty of Dedham allegedly sent out a mailing to voters that had Gov. Patrick’s signature and an endorsement message from him – two things Patrick’s office said he did not do. “The mailing sent out recently by the Timilty campaign was not approved by the Deval Patrick Committee, nor did the governor approve or author the letter that bares his signature,”

Kelly A. Timilty, the governor’s councilor whose campaign copied Governor Deval Patrick’s signature on election fliers and claimed his endorsement without permission, took responsibility yesterday

Governor's Council Governor's Council 2nd District

Interview with Rich Mitchell, Candidate for Governor's Council 2nd District

[ed_note]Richard Mitchell is a candidate for Governor’s Council 2nd District. As we have done with a number of Governor’s Council Candidates, we have an in-depth interview with Mr. Mitchell. We also have a video interview with Rich on Hector Montalvo’s Behind the Scene. [/ed_note]

Richard Mitchell

Why would you like to be on the Governor’s Council?

I am running because the Massachusetts Judicial System, especially Family Court, is completely dysfunctional. Judges are the primary cause of this broken system. We appoint poor unqualified judges and then we do not remove them.

Judges routinely violate the law, rule according to their personal opinions, and trample due process and the Constitution of the United States.

The Governor’s council is the only check that we have on gubernatorial appointments to the judiciary. The Governor can appoint anyone he wants and it is up to the Governor’s Council to approve or reject each nominee.

For the past 20 years or more the Governor’s Council abdicated its responsibility. It has been a rubber stamp and has approved virtually every nominee that the Governor appoints.

The people of Massachusetts deserve good judges.

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Governor's Council 1st District

Governor's Council District 1 Candidates Overview

Joe Ureneck

South Coast Today published an excellent overview of the Governor’s Council 1st District race. This is the most contested of the Governor’s Council races with 7 candidates running. It is also the most confusing – as there are two brothers running with the same name – Oliver Cipollini – one as a Democract and one as a Republican:

In the midst of a campaign season Joseph A. Ureneck, like the other six candidates vying for Governor’s Council District 1, finds himself having to clear one major hurdle: voter incomprehension.

“The Governor’s Council is a black hole for most people,” said Ureneck recently. “It exists and they have no idea what it does.”

The council’s main duty is to confirm approval of gubernatorial appointments — namely judges, notaries, justices of the peace — weigh in on criminal pardons and act on payments from the state treasury.

The body, comprised of eight members with the lieutenant governor serving as an ex officio member, meets once a week, at noon on Wednesday in the State House Chamber.

Council members, elected every two years, draw a salary of $26,025.

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Governor's Council 4th District

A message from Jacquolyn Payne-Thompson, Candidate for Governor's Council 4th District

Jacquolyn Payne-Thompson

My name is Jacquolyn Payne-Thompson, I am running for the Massachusetts State Governor’s Council 4th District seat because there are many challenges; some unforeseen that are facing us today where strong, effective, leadership is needed. This is the kind of leadership that I can and want to bring to the Governor’s Council. There are pressing issues of concern around our court system where judges are to be held accountable to make sound accurate decisions as it relates to housing, women and child abuse, foster care, incarceration for a crime, CORI-Law, Juvenile Justice System, and re-entry programs for both men and women. I feel that the Governor’s Council (Executive Committee/board) meetings, should be more open to the community with councilors that represents the districts that they serve, and are actively involved in the communities’ issues. In the Governor’s Council there should be NO rubber stamping of any kind, further information about hearings on the internet accessible for public viewing, and annual reports be submitted from the Governor’s Council.

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4th - Frank Bielat Sholley Governor's Council Governor's Council 1st District

Interview with Joe Ureneck and Richard Mitchell Candidates for Governor's Council

The interview was on Behind the Scene with Hector Montalvo. It has a strong focus on father’s rights and family court reform.

Governor's Council Governor's Council 1st District

Interview with Joe Ureneck, Candidate for Governor's Council 1st District

[ed_note]Joe Ureneck is a candidate for Governor’s Council 1st District. The Herald News has an interesting profile on Joe. As we have done with a number of Governor’s Council Candidates, we have an in-depth interview with Mr. Ureneck.[/ed_note]

Joe Ureneck

Why would you like to be on the Governor’s Council? What is it about your background and experience that will make you a good governor’s councilor?

As an active and concerned citizen who has always supported civic involvement I want to promote fundamental reform in the judiciary and ensure fair treatment for all in the courts.

I am 59 years old, a native of Massachusetts, graduate (MA) of UMass and a small business owner. My website is and I invite voters to join me on Facebook. I can be reached directly at 857 350-0575.

The Governor’s Council is an extremely important public body but most people know little, if anything, about it. I will encourage greater public participation in the Council and seek to approve only those judicial nominees who want to serve first and foremost the public interest, not their own. I want to ensure that judicial nominees are approved not on the basis of political and legal industry connections but rather on the premise that a judge’s primary role should be providing fair and equitable treatment for all in the court.

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Governor's Council Governor's Council 1st District

Interview with Oliver Cipollini, candidate for Governor's Council 1st District

[ed_note]Oliver Cipollini is a candidate for the Governor’s Council 1st District. As we have done with a number of Governor’s Council  candidate, we have an in-depth interview with Mr. Cipollini where he tells us his philosophy toward being a member of the Governor’s Council.[/ed_note]


Oliver Cipollini

Why would you like to be on the Governor’s Council? What is it about your background and experience that will make you a good councilor?

I am a retired Clerk-Magistrate and Systems Network Manager. Besides working with large budgets and diverse systems, I worked with children and young adults in the juvenile court system, as a social worker and as a counselor at St. Vincent’s Home in Fall River.

I promise to be your voice on the Council. I will welcome voter input in the issues which come before the Council. I enter this process as an advocate for the vitality of our state government’s Constitution and governing process.

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Governor's Council

Governor's Council Delays Vote on Judicial Nominee David Aptaker

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this video.Wednesday’s Council Hearing

Nominee David Aptaker is accused of lying about political contributions to two disgraced legislators. 6 of 8 Councilors fail to do basic due diligence.

At a hearing June 30th, the Governor’s Council delayed a vote on David Aptaker, an Arlington Lawyer, who was nominated as Associate Justice of the Middlesex Probate and Family Court. Aptaker did not disclose contributions to former state Senator James Marzilli (D-Arlington) and former Middlesex Country Register of Probate John Buonomo. Aptaker also listed contributions to Barack Obama and Rep. Michael Capuano for which there are no public records. The vote has been delayed until a hearing July 14th.
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Governor's Council 2nd District

Governor's Council 2nd District: Jubinville, Timilty, Glovsky

The Governor’s Council Second District has Kelly Timilty, the incumbent, in a contentious rematch of the 2008 race with Robert L. Jubinville for the Democrat primary.   Now that it is after Labor Day and the Fall elections are underway, a recent article in the Globe highlighted the AFL-CIO  endorsement of  Timilty giving Jubinville an opportunity to bring attention to his campaign.  Timilty is running for her 9th term on the Governor’s Council.

September 9th – The Milford Daily News announced their endorsement of Jubinville in today’s paper.

» Kelly Timilty (D) incumbent
» Robert_L_Jubinville (D)
» Steven M Glosky (R)
» Richard Mitchell (I)

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Governor's Council 1st District

Governor's Council 1st District: Hallahan, Cipollini, Ureneck, Gregory, Moniz, Mosca, Cipollini Jr.

» Joe Ureneck (R)
» Charles Oliver Cipollini (R)
» Oliver Cipollini (D)
» Thomas J. Hallahan (D)
» Walter Moniz (D)
» Jeffrey T Gregory (D)
» Patricia Mosca (D)

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