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Benson Hayes Tax Cuts

Kurt Hayes: Benson Flip-Flop-Flips on Taxes

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During the 2008 campaign for State Representative, Democrat candidate Jen Benson pledged not to raise taxes by stating in a debate with Republican opponent Kurt Hayes, “I would not raise taxes. I would hold steady where we are on the income tax until we get through this fiscal period. I would not advocate for raising taxes whether it be income taxes, gas taxes, anything because we know our families are hurting and we need them to get back on their feet.”

As State Representative in 2009, the first bill proposed by Benson was a new five cent tax on plastic bags at grocery stores. Benson voted for the sales tax increase, and just days later announced a Beacon Hill fundraiser that was attended by lobbyist and special guest House Speaker Robert DeLeo. When given opportunities in both 2009 and 2010 to repeal the new alcohol sales tax, Representative Benson voted with Democrat party leadership to send the measure to ‘study’ rather than make an up-or-down vote on removing the double-taxation on alcohol.

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Ballot Questions Chapter 40b Tax Cuts

Ballot Questions for 2010 Massachusetts State Election: Arguments For and Against

There are three questions on the Massachusetts 2010 Election ballot.  They are:

Question 1: Repeal the sales tax on alcoholic beverages

Question 2: Repeal chapter 40b

Question 3: Cut the sales tax from 6.25% to 3%

If any of these questions passed the legislature would be required to pass these questions into law. For each question we list the exact text of the ballot initiative, an issue summary, and the arguments of those for and against the question, as well as the issue groups supporting or opposing each question.

Like most ballot initiatives, the sides for and against will try to make their organizations look like grass roots popular movements. But they are often funded by powerful industry lobbies that have an interest in the outcome. We will detail those connections as well.

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Naughton Gettens Tax Cuts

James Gettens, 12th Worcester Representative Candidate – Position on Taxes

I oppose the new and increased taxes and fees implemented in August, 2009, to feed bloated state payrolls, perks, pensions and programs. These were passed by irresponsible and reckless INCUMBENT LEGISLATORS, including my opponent; and a GOVERNOR, wholly owned by public employee unions, expanding an unresponsive, burgeoning state government at the expense of ordinary citizens and taxpayers. These craven legislators and governor, unwilling to face down greedy public employee unions, added a net 2000 ‘on-budget’ state employees in 2008-2009, and then cut local aid and outreach programs across Massachusetts by a total of $456 MILLION. That shows us who these INCUMBENTS really answer to and to whom they are beholden.

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Ballot Questions Casinos and Slots Tax Cuts

Question 3 and Casinos – A missing link

It’s surprising the “Rollback the sales tax” crowd hasn’t hit on an important point in favor of their ballot question, Question 3.

According to a recent report Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville CT will begin laying off employees. This is due to a decline in business caused by the recession. Massachusetts on the other hand wants to build three casinos.

Where the Question 3 people are missing the boat is they should turn this negative into a positive. Besides the fact the casino industry is not doing well, which in itself is reason to not pass casino legislation, there are other reasons as well, which tie in nicely with the reasons to pass Question 3.

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Budget Patronage Jobs Tax Cuts Walz Marston

Brad Marston: Budget realities – The $6 billion solution.

Brad Marston

One of the great things about having so many candidates contesting seats in the legislature this year is that we are finally having an open, honest conversation about the direction of our state government. I believe one of the most important questions we face is the direction of government directed spending of taxpayer’s money. Our current course is simply unsustainable.

We don’t have a revenue crisis. State government has a spending crisis. The legislature created this crisis over a number of years and we won’t be able to solve it overnight. Both the House and Senate GOP Caucus have offered plans for at least the last two sessions which would have reduced state spending by at least $1 billion a year. Unfortunately even that isn’t enough. Last year the legislature raised taxes by nearly $2 billion but we are still facing a $2.5 billion deficit next year.

As a fiscal conservative and one of the original 10 signers of the the citizen’s petition to roll back the sales tax to 3%, I am often challenged by defenders of the status quo with the question, “What would you cut?” The question is disingenuous. It is nearly impossible to say exactly what I would cut as our state government doesn’t tell us exactly what they spend our money on. However, I can tell you precisely the process I would use to determine what spending should be cut.

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Budget Charlie Baker Deval Patrick Governor Tax Cuts

Charlie Baker Unveils Massachusetts Tax Cut Plan

Charlie Baker

Baker unveiled a sweeping tax cut proposal at the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce breakfast on Friday June 10th, reducing corporate sales and income taxes all to 5%.

Corporate Tax Rate at 5%: The proposal is fairly comprehensive, but it would have the effect of greatly simplifying the corporate tax code. The current corporate tax code is complex and taxes businesses in different industries differently with a tax rate in most industries at 8.75%. Baker proposes to reduce the corporate tax rate on all industries to 5% within 4 years.

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