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Brad Marston: We can afford state services but not a "bloated dysfunctional state bureaucracy"

Brad Marston, a candidate for State Representative in the 8th Suffolk District, succinctly explains the choice facing voters in November.

Most voters agree that the state should be taxing citizens in order to pay for critical state services: education, roads, public safety etc. In recent years, due to the economic crisis, the state has come to voters again and again with tax hikes that they say are necessary to pay for these services.

Voters have patiently accepted these tax hikes because we don’t want to see cuts to critical services.

But over and over the state has diverted this money toward other priorities.

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As the Probation Department Scandal and Inquiry Widens, Rush’s Silence is Deafening

[ed_note]We received this message from the Brad Williams campaign.[/ed_note]

Mike Rush
Mike Rush

State Representative Rush failed to adequately respond to State Senate candidate Brad Williams’ call for Rush to fully disclose and explain his involvement with the Massachusetts Probation Department scandal as outlined by the Boston Globe Spotlight Team on May 23, 2010. In an article published on May 29, the Boston Globe states, “Rush responded in an e-mail to the Globe, writing, ‘I have no comment.’”

Williams stated that “Rush’s flip response to these serious allegations against him only serve to discredit Rush’s denials of impropriety. In particular, he should respond to allegations from within and outside of the Probation Department that he has used his position on the House Ways and Means Committee to unduly influence the hiring decisions at the Probation Department – or what I called ‘tribal patronage’ in a recent Boston Globe article.” As long as the Probation Department is under investigation, Williams calls on Representative Rush to disclose and disgorge any campaign contributions received from Probation Department employees and their families over his four terms in office.

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Mike Lake Calls for Sheriff Guy Glodis to Resign Over his Refusal to Pay Taxes

Suzanne Bump Issues a Statement Condemning Glodis’ Failure to Pay Taxes

Plus a list of Guy Glodis’ “top 10″ other Ethics Problems

YouTube Preview Image
The Globe published an article today about political campaign committees who have failed to pay taxes on earnings from the investments made with campaign money. Most of the candidates (Tim Cahill, Tim Murray, and Martha Coakley), have acknowledged the oversight and said they will pay their taxes immediately.

Guy Glodis’ campaign is also named, but he is taking a very strange position – he claims that it wasn’t an oversight – and he won’t pay.

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Rep. Thomas Petrolati Trying to Block Investigation of the Probation Patronage Scandal

Thomas Petrolati

The Globe on Sunday has a very important article about Rep. Thomas Petrolati’s attempts to thwart the investigation into the patronage scandal at the probation department.

Petrolati is at the center of some of the most egregious patronage abuses. His wife Kathleen is a top manager at Probation. A former aide, Andre Pereira, and the husband of his current aide, Colleen Ryan all have Probation jobs that pay more than $74,000.  Scores of financial supporters have also received jobs at the Probation Department. And Petrolati is a close friend of Probation Commissioner John “Jack” O’Brien, who was suspended in May after the Globe revealed a pattern of political favoritism in hiring.

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Budget Patronage Jobs Tax Cuts Walz Marston

Brad Marston: Budget realities – The $6 billion solution.

Brad Marston

One of the great things about having so many candidates contesting seats in the legislature this year is that we are finally having an open, honest conversation about the direction of our state government. I believe one of the most important questions we face is the direction of government directed spending of taxpayer’s money. Our current course is simply unsustainable.

We don’t have a revenue crisis. State government has a spending crisis. The legislature created this crisis over a number of years and we won’t be able to solve it overnight. Both the House and Senate GOP Caucus have offered plans for at least the last two sessions which would have reduced state spending by at least $1 billion a year. Unfortunately even that isn’t enough. Last year the legislature raised taxes by nearly $2 billion but we are still facing a $2.5 billion deficit next year.

As a fiscal conservative and one of the original 10 signers of the the citizen’s petition to roll back the sales tax to 3%, I am often challenged by defenders of the status quo with the question, “What would you cut?” The question is disingenuous. It is nearly impossible to say exactly what I would cut as our state government doesn’t tell us exactly what they spend our money on. However, I can tell you precisely the process I would use to determine what spending should be cut.

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Patronage Jobs Rush Williams Walsh

Brad Williams Calls on Mike Rush to Address Probation Department Scandal

Brad Williams

Update: Rush denies involvement in note to Roslindale Transcript

Brad Williams and Rep. Mike Rush are both candidates for State Senate in the Suffolk and Norfolk District currently represented by Marian Walsh who is not seeking re-election.

Rep. Rush has been deeply entangled in the recent Probation Department patronage jobs scandal. It has been reported that Rep. Rush is one of the people who are able to help family and political supporters secure jobs at Probation, and that he was instrumental in getting a promotion for his father James Rush. Two years after being promoted to Chief Probation Officer, James Rush retired under a cloud of allegations of racial and sexual harassment of two employees at Probation. It is said that Mike Rush has been seeking revenge against Justice Mulligan ever since.

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Senate Reacts to Probation Department Scandal

Cindy Creem

Reforms likely to pass the Senate but not Robert DeLeo’s House of Representatives.

Following Sunday’s Globe exposé of patronage hires at the Probation Department, and yesterday’s move by the Supreme Judicial Court to suspend Probation Commissioner O’Brien, the Senate today proposed a budget amendment to reform some the Probation Department’s most egregious  structural problems, with a proposal that reduces some of the Legislature’s influence in Probation Department hiring.

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Chief Justice Mulligan Sparks a Showdown Between the Judiciary and the Legislature

Chief Justice Robert Mulligan in 2008

Tensions between the Judiciary and the Legislature have simmered for years over the legislators use of the courts as a source of patronage jobs for the politically connected. This year’s budget process may have finally set off a battle between the Judiciary and the Legislature which will play out during the election season.

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Patronage Jobs Winslow Nacewicz

Dan Winslow Proposes Reforms to Curb Court Patronage Abuses

Dan Winslow

Dan Winslow is a former Presiding Justice of Wrentham District Court, and a candidate for Representative in the 9th Norfolk district. Following the Globe‘s recent investigative article about patronage jobs at the Probation Department, Winslow has posted a series of sensible reforms to curb court system abuses.

His statement follows:

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Budget Patronage Jobs Rush Williams Walsh

Rep. Mike Rush Gets Political Payback on Justice Robert Mulligan – May Force JCAM Move to Charlestown

Charlestown District Court

Legislative Payback to Judges is Part of Long Standing Tradition

Rep. Mike Rush sponsored a budget amendment that was adopted into the House budget that directs Justice Robert Mulligan to move the offices of the Chief Justice for Administation and Management (CJAM) from prime downtown office space to a dingy 3rd floor office space at the Charlestown District Court. The amendment was inserted by Robert DeLeo in a closed door session, without public debate.

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