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Brad Marston: We can afford state services but not a "bloated dysfunctional state bureaucracy"

Brad Marston, a candidate for State Representative in the 8th Suffolk District, succinctly explains the choice facing voters in November.

Most voters agree that the state should be taxing citizens in order to pay for critical state services: education, roads, public safety etc. In recent years, due to the economic crisis, the state has come to voters again and again with tax hikes that they say are necessary to pay for these services.

Voters have patiently accepted these tax hikes because we don’t want to see cuts to critical services.

But over and over the state has diverted this money toward other priorities.

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Richard Jolitz: Legislature and Unions must work with Communities

Richard Jolitz

In the early part of the twentieth century unions played a very important part in workers’ right and ensuring that employers did not take advantage of their workforce. They still have a role today to help protect workers and give them a voice in their workplace.  However, in the current extremely difficult economic climate, the unions, particularly the public sector unions, must realize that they might be about to kill the proverbial goose who lays the golden egg.

I work in a union shop in my everyday employment as an EMT.  I even became a Union Shop Steward to be a more active participant in protecting my fellow employees when in need but I also understand that as part of a union we, the workers, have to be willing to work with management to protect jobs.

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Eric Dahlberg Criticizes Legislature for Failing to Reduce Municipal Health Care Costs

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Eric Dahlberg, a candidate for the 3rd Middlesex Senate District, has called out the legislature for failing to pass health insurance ‘plan design’ for cities and towns.

A central feature in Massachusetts health care reform is the creation the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) Health Insurance law. All private entities and the state government benefit from the reduced health insurance costs. read more »