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Massachusetts 2010 Ballot Questions Election Results: Yes, No, No

Question – 1-Drop Alcohol Sales Tax – Ballot Issue
2119 of 2168 Precincts Reporting – 98%
Name Votes Vote %
Yes 1,107,141 52%
No 1,029,925 48%

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Ballot Questions Chapter 40b Issues

Repeal 40B – The Worst Financial Scandal in 20 Years

Please VOTE YES on QUESTION 2 and repeal the state law known as 40B, which allows comprehensive permits for low/moderate-income units. 40B allows developers to override local zoning bylaws and wetlands regulations if they set aside 20 – 25% of the houses as “affordable”. This takes development control away from towns and gives it to developers and the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), the state agency that oversees 40B projects.

Loopholes and lack of oversight have allowed developers to abuse the law for financial benefit at the expense of host towns. Inspector General (IG) Gregory Sullivan (head of the state agency to prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse in government) has issued over 25 letters and reports on the problems and abuses of 40B. He calls 40B “the worst financial scandal in the last 20 years”, a “pig fest”, “developer welfare”, “a major, expensive example of mismanagement in government,” and “one of the biggest abuses in state history”.

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Ballot Questions Benson Hayes

Kurt Hayes: Vote YES on questions 4 and 5

Hayes drives Route 2 and Taxpayer Protection solutions to the ballot.

In addition to three statewide ballot questions, voters in the 37th Middlesex district towns of Shirley, Lunenburg, Lancaster, Harvard, Boxborough, and Acton will have two additional ballot questions for their consideration on November 2nd. State Representative candidate Kurt Hayes announced today that he and his supporters gathered the signatures that will put two non-binding questions before the voters of the district he hopes to serve as State Representative.

Question 4 will ask the voter, “Shall the representative from this district be instructed to vote in favor of legislation that would accelerate the completion of improvements to Route 2 in order to reduce traffic congestion and commute time and improve safety on Route 2 between I-495 and Route 128?”.

Question 5 will ask the voter, “Shall the representative from this district be instructed to vote in favor of legislation that would require proof of legal residence in Massachusetts before an applicant could obtain publicly-funded state benefits?”.

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Ballot Questions

2010 Statewide Ballot Questions Debate


2010 Statewide Ballot Questions Debate

Wednesday, October 27th 2010

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Leahy – Holloran Community Center

7 Worrell Street, Dorchester, MA 021

On the November 2nd Statewide ballot there are three questions that will require your vote.

Join the Pope’s Hill Neighborhood Association as we welcome 2 experts to discuss the three ballot questions and what they mean to you.

Garrett Quinn, a writer for, began writing for newspapers at age 15 with CNC in his native South Shore. He is a writer and editor with and has been published in Pioneer Investigates, BlueMassGroup, and Wonkette.

Yawu Miller, Project Director of “ONE Massachusetts”, is also an experienced journalist and community organizer. He also serves as a senior editor at the Boston Banner. Yawu’s writing has chronicled the political and social justice movements in the Greater Boston area for the last 16 years.

All Are Welcomed & Encouraged to Attend.

4th - Frank Bielat Sholley Ballot Questions

Barney Frank and Sean Bielat Debate on NECN's Broadside


There was a half hour debate between Sean Bielat and Barney Frank on Jim Braude’s Broadside on NECN.

We have the debate in three parts. In the first part the candidates introduce themselves. Frank has been continuously in office since the 1980’s. Bielat is a newcomer to politics, but the first real challenger that Frank has faced in his entire time in congress.

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Ballot Questions Issues

Carla Howell debates Question 3 (Sales Tax Rollback) with Broadside host Jim Braude

Jim Braude is a sharp guy who is used to political interviews and debates. Its not often that you see him getting schooled that way he is in this interview with Carla Howell over Ballot Question 3.

Question 3 would lower the state sales tax from 6.25% to 3% starting in 2011. Recent polls show the majority supports passing question 3 buy a small margin:

  • Suffolk University Poll, Sept. 16-19: Yes: 51%, No: 42%
  • UNH/Boston Globe Poll, Sept. 17-22: Yes: 46%, No: 43%

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Ballot Questions Chapter 40b Tax Cuts

Ballot Questions for 2010 Massachusetts State Election: Arguments For and Against

There are three questions on the Massachusetts 2010 Election ballot.  They are:

Question 1: Repeal the sales tax on alcoholic beverages

Question 2: Repeal chapter 40b

Question 3: Cut the sales tax from 6.25% to 3%

If any of these questions passed the legislature would be required to pass these questions into law. For each question we list the exact text of the ballot initiative, an issue summary, and the arguments of those for and against the question, as well as the issue groups supporting or opposing each question.

Like most ballot initiatives, the sides for and against will try to make their organizations look like grass roots popular movements. But they are often funded by powerful industry lobbies that have an interest in the outcome. We will detail those connections as well.

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Ballot Questions Casinos and Slots Tax Cuts

Question 3 and Casinos – A missing link

It’s surprising the “Rollback the sales tax” crowd hasn’t hit on an important point in favor of their ballot question, Question 3.

According to a recent report Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville CT will begin laying off employees. This is due to a decline in business caused by the recession. Massachusetts on the other hand wants to build three casinos.

Where the Question 3 people are missing the boat is they should turn this negative into a positive. Besides the fact the casino industry is not doing well, which in itself is reason to not pass casino legislation, there are other reasons as well, which tie in nicely with the reasons to pass Question 3.

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