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Rudnick Calls on Sen. Creem to Recuse Herself from Alimony Reform

Charles Rudnick

This just in from Charles Rudnick:

NEWTON (July 19) – The following is a statement from Charles Rudnick, Democratic candidate for the State Senate seat representing Brookline, Newton, and Wellesley:

“Sen. Cynthia Creem must immediately recuse herself from any role in legislation pertaining to divorce law given the clear and disturbing conflicts of interest detailed Sunday and today in the Boston Globe. This type of conflict undermines the public’s confidence in the Legislature and its ability to manage issues like this impartially. I have pledged to be a full-time Senator to avoid even the appearance of such conflicts, as well as to provide more effective leadership on the complex challenges facing the Commonwealth. I hope Sen. Creem’s volunteered recusal will help end the logjam on meaningful alimony reform.” read more »


It Wasn't Supposed to Happen to One of His Friends

Governor Paterson

New York’s Governor Paterson won’t be seeking re-election after news broke that he and one of his state police commanders pressures a woman not to seek seek a protection order against his top aide David Johnson.

It wasn’t supposed to happen to one of his friends. Governor Paterson has been a strong advocate of the current crop of domestic violence laws that strip the accused of any due process. These laws are only supposed to apply to other people – violent brutes who deserve no due process. Not to his friend David Johnson. read more »