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Deval Patrick and Charlie Baker Release New Ads

Patrick’s Ad – Moving Forward
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Baker’s Ad – Grateful for Union Support
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More video and analysis follows…

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Clean Elections Governor Jill Stein

Eli Beckerman on Jill Stein: And then there was one.

Jill Stein

As the dust settled on the first televised debate for this year’s gubernatorial contest in Massachusetts, one clear truth emerged. There was one candidate, and only one, who could legitimately be called “the people’s candidate.”While Scott Brown positioned himself as the people’s candidate in his January special election victory, a late surge of campaign cash and get-out-the-vote efforts from Wall Street executives and lobbyists and other special interests surely put his campaign over the top.

Capitalizing on the Democratic Party machine’s condescending sense of entitlement to the late Senator Kennedy’s seat, Brown asserted that it was “the people’s seat”, and rode his truck right into the leadership vacuum that the Democratic Party has helped to create. But Brown’s slick posturing does not make for genuine leadership. And as economic and ecological meltdown continues, that leadership vacuum continues to grow.

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Charlie Baker on Tuesday's WBZ Governor's Debate

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The Baker campaign is out first with some short takes on Charlie Baker’s performance on Tuesday’s WBZ Governor’s Debate.

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Governor Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill's Unhinged Response to Howie Carr

Tim Cahill

Cahill is Part of a National Pattern of Fake Spoiler Candidates

Last Friday Howie Carr ran a column asking Tim Cahill to abandon his race for Governor because he cannot win:

So Tim Cahill, let me be blunt. How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

Tim, exactly how much do-re-mi will it take to get you out of this fight? I’ve asked you this on the air, and you laughed, as if I were kidding. I wasn’t.

And Cahill answered in a letter that is just too shrill not to repost:

Howie, your latest column was confusing. You don’t want me in this race? Poor little Charlie Baker might not be able to win it on his own? Why do we bother having elections at all?

Let’s take a quick step into your fantasy world, just so we can give voters a clear picture of what you would like to see.

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Massachusetts Democratic Party has a Snarky New Website about Charlie Baker

The Massachusetts Democratic Party has been developing a new web site about Charlie Baker called Charlie Baker’s World. It’s a pretty funny take at attacking Charlie Baker. They have been collecting a lot of the funnier anti-Baker virals running around the net, and making some of  their own. Definitely worth taking a look at.

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Charlie Baker Governor Mariano Lowell

Bob Monty on Nassour’s MassGOPolicy: FAIL!

Bob Monty

Massachusetts’ voters are purportedly all fired up and eager to throw out all the incumbents this November – but not the MassGOP. Its concentration is on the top-tier offices of governor, light governor, a smattering of other constitutional state offices and a couple of congressional seats – just not the state Legislature.

The absurdity that gubernatorial candidate and health care multi-millionaire Charlie Baker and his new BFF and former New York political operative and now MassGOP leader, Jennifer Nassour, is proposing, is to get the top ticket jobs and worry about the state’s House and Senate seats two years from now – when he will be just another lame duck (if he wins). He’ll never be able to sustain a veto (if he wins) – just like his Democrat predecessor, DeFault Patrick (if he loses); and all those before him. All of our recent governors have been woeful pawns to the whims of the Legislature, so why is no one aiming to control it instead of the Corner Office? Must be the drapes – yeah… that’s it – they like the drapes.

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Massachusetts Gubernatorial Debate about Cape Wind

The original post is on MassInc. The debate was at Suffolk University on August 16th, and focused on just Cape Wind.

Baker and Cahill come down against Cape Wind based mostly on cost and the massive subsidies to make it work. Patrick supports it based on the environmental benefits and on the jobs it creates. Patrick also cites how Cape Wind would protect Masssachusetts from cost volatility.

Stein is especially strong and convincing. She classifies herself as a commited environmental activist but opposes, like Baker and Cahill, based on cost and low cost efficiency. Where she really shines is how she calls out Patrick for taking contributions from Cape Wind interests, and for the closed door deals that got it done. She calls on the Governor to return contributions from Cape Wind lobbyists.

At one point Patrick calls Stein a “mole” and she retorts that “you have to be a mole to know what is happening on Beacon Hill.”

It is amazing to see the Green Party and Republicans largely in agreement. The debate ends up being to a large degree about transparency and insider “pay to play” contracts.

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Part 1

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Charlie Baker Deval Patrick Governor Jill Stein Tim Cahill

Baker Campaign Internal Poll Shows He is Within 7 Points of Patrick

Red Mass Group is reporting that Charlie Baker released an internal memo showing that his latest internal poll shows him within 7 points of Deval Patrick.





DATE: AUGUST 9, 2010

As you know, our firm recently completed a statewide survey in Massachusetts of 500 likely general election voters. The poll was conducted July 25-27 and has a margin of error of +/- 4.38% in 95 out of 100 cases.

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Governor Jill Stein

Jill Stein Qualifies for Ballot – Declares Four-Way Race for Governor

[ed_note]We received this article by Michael Horan from the Green-Rainbow Party[/ed_note]


Jill Stein, Green-Rainbow Party candidate for governor, held a press conference outside the State House this morning to announce that her supporters had gathered enough signatures to qualify her for the November ballot. Stein and her running mate, Rick Purcell, needed 10,000 certified signatures to qualify. At the press conference, Stein projected that she would have approximately 12,000 certified signatures in total. This includes over 9,000 certified signatures already returned to the campaign from town halls, and several thousand more that were submitted in the past 48 hours, in advance of the 5 p.m. deadline yesterday. read more »

Clean Elections Governor Issues Jill Stein

Democracy's Dawn in Massachusetts?

With the state legislature wrapping up its session last week, another two years have been squandered. Two years we couldn’t afford to waste, down the drain.

In those two years, we inched closer to runaway climate change. Environmental writer and activist Bill McKibben has added another “a” to Earth to show that we have already fundamentally altered the ecological balance of the home upon which we depend for all things.

In those two years, the economic system upon which we depend for most things, unraveled to the point that our federal government has fundamentally transformed its role to a booster of private capital and private profits, while socializing the costs.

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