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Massachusetts Democratic Party has a Snarky New Website about Charlie Baker

The Massachusetts Democratic Party has been developing a new web site about Charlie Baker called Charlie Baker’s World. It’s a pretty funny take at attacking Charlie Baker. They have been collecting a lot of the funnier anti-Baker virals running around the net, and making some of  their own. Definitely worth taking a look at.

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Bob Monty on Nassour’s MassGOPolicy: FAIL!

Bob Monty

Massachusetts’ voters are purportedly all fired up and eager to throw out all the incumbents this November – but not the MassGOP. Its concentration is on the top-tier offices of governor, light governor, a smattering of other constitutional state offices and a couple of congressional seats – just not the state Legislature.

The absurdity that gubernatorial candidate and health care multi-millionaire Charlie Baker and his new BFF and former New York political operative and now MassGOP leader, Jennifer Nassour, is proposing, is to get the top ticket jobs and worry about the state’s House and Senate seats two years from now – when he will be just another lame duck (if he wins). He’ll never be able to sustain a veto (if he wins) – just like his Democrat predecessor, DeFault Patrick (if he loses); and all those before him. All of our recent governors have been woeful pawns to the whims of the Legislature, so why is no one aiming to control it instead of the Corner Office? Must be the drapes – yeah… that’s it – they like the drapes.

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Massachusetts Gubernatorial Debate about Cape Wind

The original post is on MassInc. The debate was at Suffolk University on August 16th, and focused on just Cape Wind.

Baker and Cahill come down against Cape Wind based mostly on cost and the massive subsidies to make it work. Patrick supports it based on the environmental benefits and on the jobs it creates. Patrick also cites how Cape Wind would protect Masssachusetts from cost volatility.

Stein is especially strong and convincing. She classifies herself as a commited environmental activist but opposes, like Baker and Cahill, based on cost and low cost efficiency. Where she really shines is how she calls out Patrick for taking contributions from Cape Wind interests, and for the closed door deals that got it done. She calls on the Governor to return contributions from Cape Wind lobbyists.

At one point Patrick calls Stein a “mole” and she retorts that “you have to be a mole to know what is happening on Beacon Hill.”

It is amazing to see the Green Party and Republicans largely in agreement. The debate ends up being to a large degree about transparency and insider “pay to play” contracts.

YouTube Preview Image

Part 1

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Baker Campaign Internal Poll Shows He is Within 7 Points of Patrick

Red Mass Group is reporting that Charlie Baker released an internal memo showing that his latest internal poll shows him within 7 points of Deval Patrick.





DATE: AUGUST 9, 2010

As you know, our firm recently completed a statewide survey in Massachusetts of 500 likely general election voters. The poll was conducted July 25-27 and has a margin of error of +/- 4.38% in 95 out of 100 cases.

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Patrick Campaign Releases its own web video in response to yesterday's Mass GOP 'Priceless' ad

YouTube Preview ImageThe Patrick campaign released a response to yesterday’s Mass GOP ad attacking Deval Patrick. This is a somewhat longer video that tries to convey more information. The Mass GOP ad was short and straight to the point. Today’s video from the Patrick campaign is interesting – but a lot less focused than the Mass GOP ad.

What do you think?

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Deval Patrick "Priceless" Ad – Mass GOP Launches a new Attack Ad

YouTube Preview ImageThe Republican National Committee has launched a new – pretty effective – attack ad against Deval Patrick. Its a riff on the classic “Visa Priceless” ads that have become an internet idiom.

Republicans have been almost paranoid in their expectation that the Democrats would go negative in the gubernatorial race. This ad serves a double purpose – it is in itself an attack ad – but it also serves to warn the public to expect attack ads from the Patrick campaign in an effort to pre-emptively neutralize them.

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Patrick Campaign Responds to RGA Attack Ads

The Republican Governors Association (RGA) has released two new web ads, one that attacks Tim Cahill, and for the first time one that attacks Deval Patrick. The ads are short, make a few negative assertions about Cahill and Patrick, and don’t go into much detail.

Doug Rubin, Patrick’s senior strategist has sent out a letter to supporters laying out the governor’s case against the ad:

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Governor's Race Poll Analysis: Patrick 45%, Baker 34%, Cahill 16%

YouTube Preview Image

Age, Sex and Race Playing a Significant Role

The race is tightening. In the latest Rasmussen Poll, Patrick who last polled at 45% has seen support drop to 41%. He is still seeing benefits from good economic news. Before recent reports of an economic turn around Patrick was polling in the low 30’s.

Baker continues to rise. As the number of voters with no opinion of Baker shrinks he is seeing his poll numbers rise as expected. Probably not as quickly as he needs to, but the differential between Patrick and Baker is narrowing.

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Charlie Baker Unveils Massachusetts Tax Cut Plan

Charlie Baker

Baker unveiled a sweeping tax cut proposal at the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce breakfast on Friday June 10th, reducing corporate sales and income taxes all to 5%.

Corporate Tax Rate at 5%: The proposal is fairly comprehensive, but it would have the effect of greatly simplifying the corporate tax code. The current corporate tax code is complex and taxes businesses in different industries differently with a tax rate in most industries at 8.75%. Baker proposes to reduce the corporate tax rate on all industries to 5% within 4 years.

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Charlie Baker Deval Patrick Governor Jill Stein Tim Cahill

Latest Gov. Race Poll: Patrick 42%, Baker 29%, Cahill 14%, Stein 8%

Suffolk University/Channel 7 has released its latest poll on the Governor’s race essentially confirming the results of the Ramussen poll from 2 weeks ago.

It shows Governor Deval Patrick gained significantly as Tim Cahill’s support has crashed.  Jill Stein had a surprisingly strong showing of 8%, which indicates that many progressives are looking for alternatives to Patrick.

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