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9th Congressional District – Stephen Lynch, Mac D’Alessandro, Keith Lepor, Vernon Harrison

9th - Lynch D'Alessandro Lepor Congress

Massachusetts Congressional District 9 Election Results (Town by Town): Lynch Wins

U.S. House – District 9 – General
Town/City Precincts S. Lynch (i)
V. Harrison
P. Dunkelbarger
Total 210/225 143,811
Avon 1/1 1,149
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9th - Lynch D'Alessandro Lepor

Debate Between Rep. Stephen Lynch and Mac D'Alessandro on Emily Rooney's Greater Boston

This is a 20 minute debate between Mac D’Alessandro and Stephen Lynch. That brings the total debate time to 35 minutes so far in this race. Lots of talk about health insurance reform and Lynch’s controversial vote. Lynch comes off strong again. Mac has been going after Lynch on the health insurance vote all race long, but when he finally gets to debate him, Lynch gets most of the time to talk in detail about his views on health insurance. Lynch speaks for 80% of the time on that question.

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9th - Lynch D'Alessandro Lepor

Stephen Lynch Avoids Debates – Mac D'Alessandro Goes Negative

Mac' Anti-Lynch Flier

The race between Mac D’Alessandro and Rep. Stephen Lynch in the 9th Congressional always had the potential to go negative. Mac’s campaign was always at its core about seeking a progressive alternative to Stephen Lynch’s “independent” record – or as some progressives view it “DINO” record.

At first D’Alessandro tried delivering that message with upbeat ads about him being an positive alternative to Lynch. We saw this with his apple-inspired “I’m a Mac” ad.

But as the race comes down to the final few days D’Alessandro’s campaign has gone sharply negative. Mac now has a gray anti-Lynch web site that goes after Lynch in the rawest terms possible, declaring “Stephen Lynch’s Bad Votes Have Hurt Our Community”.

And now most recently, the D’Alessandro campaign has been mailing out an over the top flier comparing Stephen Lynch to Benedict Arnold. (h/t lmt politics, and universal hub)

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Plymouth County Republican Straw Poll Results

The Plymouth County GOP held a straw poll last night that gives us some insight into a number of Plymouth County Republican primaries.

Not a lot of surprises here, but except maybe how lopsided some of the results were. Results after the jump.

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9th - Lynch D'Alessandro Lepor

Rep. Stephen Lynch to debate Mac D'Alessandro… for 15 minutes.

Rep. Stephen Lynch

A hilarious story just appeared on GateHouse News:

Rep. Stephen Lynch promised a debate with Mac D’Alessandro, his opponent in the primary election, and debate he shall.

For 15 minutes.

Lynch and D’Alessandro will film a debate Friday for WBZ-TV, with Jon Keller hosting. The 15-minute show will air on Sunday at 8:30 a.m.

Mac D’Alessandro has been asking to debate Lynch all through the campaign. It is a common strategy for secure incumbents to avoid debates against political newcomers. The reasoning is that the incumbent already has the name recognition. Debating just gives the challenger legitimacy. So why do it?

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9th - Lynch D'Alessandro Lepor

Mac D’Alessandro Challenges Stephen Lynch to Weekly Debates in Massachusetts’ 9th Congressional District’s Democratic Primary

[ed_note]We received the following message from Mac D’Alessandro[/ed_note]


Mac D'Alessandro

Mac D’Alessandro, Democratic candidate for Congress from Massachusetts’ 9th district, issued a call yesterday for Stephen Lynch to join him in a series of four weekly debates leading up to Primary Election Day, on September 14. D’Alessandro urged that the debates be sited throughout the district, to give all residents of the 9th Congressional the opportunity to personally hear from both Democrats vying for their vote.

“There are critical issues at stake in this race, with stark, significant differences between Mr. Lynch and myself,” said D’Alessandro. “Whether it’s how we create jobs and get our economy moving again, how we make health care more accessible and affordable for everyone, or what we should be doing in Afghanistan and Iraq, we owe it to the voters to have a real, substantive conversation on the issues as we approach the primary election.”

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9th - Lynch D'Alessandro Lepor Congress

Mac D'Alessandro: Does Stephen Lynch Stand By His Spokesman’s Statement that Working Families Represent a “Special Interest”?

YouTube Preview Image

[ed_note]We received this press release from Mac D’Alessandro, who is challenging Rep. Steven Lynch for the 9th Congressional District seat. Is it fair? We’ll have some commentary afterwards.[/ed_note]

[section_spacer]Mac D’Alessandro, Democratic candidate for Congress from Massachusetts’ 9th district, called on Stephen Lynch today to disavow the statement of his spokesman, Scott Ferson, that working families represent a “special interest.”

“I have spent my career fighting for working families and standing up to special interests,” said D’Alessandro. “I would hope that Stephen Lynch knows the difference between the working families of the 9th district and real special interests, like the giant corporations whose PAC checks line Lynch’s campaign account.”

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9th - Lynch D'Alessandro Lepor

Ninth Congressional District Candidates: Lynch, D'Alessandro, Lepor, Harrison

» Stephen F. Lynch (D) incumbent
» Mac D'Alessandro (D)
» Keith P. Lepor (R)
» Vernon Harrison (R)

Map of the 9th Congressional District:

Map of the 9th Congressional District

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