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The Growing Importance of the Tea Party Movement

In Boston, Christen Varley (center) led a Tea Party meeting to discuss gubernatoral candidates, at a meeting in The Green Dragon. (Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff)

Stephanie Ebbert has a nice article in the Globe today on the growing importance of the Tea Party Movement:

In the current upended political climate, the Tea Party members in Massachusetts — now claiming up to 8,000 believers and basking in the earth-shaking victory of US Senator Scott Brown — have the clout to make candidates come to them.

Candidates are showing up at events like this one across the state, even though the Tea Party’s loose confederation of activists has no membership rolls, no party apparatus, no candidates, and no money. Candidates do not know precisely what the Tea Party is or how its activists will vote in November. They just know they had better pay attention.

Scott Brown’s upset victory this year has shown the Massachusetts political class that there is a large number of people looking for change. These are not the people who go to protests, and are involved in political activism. They are a silent majority of the regular working citizen of Massachusetts who feel increasingly like their needs are not being met, and are now willing to consider candidates from outside traditional party affiliation, and vote for change. read more »

2010 Elections

Tomorrow I'll be on "The Father's Corner" March 16th at 6pm on BNN

I’ll be appearing on The Father’s Corner on the Boston Neighborhood Network at 6pm tomorrow. This is channel 9 on Comcast or channel 15 on RCN. You can find out more about who is behind this blog.

I think we are going to talk about this project and why I’m doing it.

I got started by trying to advocate for a few issues that are important to me – Shared Parenting - and then, as I got educated on the issues, Alimony Reform and 209a reform.

But, as I talked to legislators, I came to understand how powerless they are. All of the power is concentrated in the hands of the Speaker and the Senate president, and to some extent the chairmen of the committees. Those who don’t move in lockstep with the leadership really can’t get anything done. read more »

2010 Elections

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We’ve just added an exciting new feature. You can now follow our own special brand of coverage of independent candidates on Facebook.

Starting today all our posts to Massachusetts Election 2010 are streamed automatically to our new Facebook group. Now you can either visit our site, or just join the Facebook group and get your updates that way.

This new feature joins the many other ways you can stay informed on the upcoming November elections. You can follow us on Twitter by following #MassElection. Or you can subscribe to the blog via email.

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2010 Elections

Let's Change Massachusetts Politics

I’m working to make the Massachusetts government more responsive to people’s needs by working to replace as many long serving, insider focused legislators with a new crop of more open and responsive legislators.

I’m going to be tracking as many legislative races as I can, and researching the candidates to see which ones are mostly likely to be independent and responsive to people’s needs.

I’ve got a few issues that are important to me – but this site is going to be about more than that. We need open minded legislators who will put the needs of the people ahead of the needs of special interests.