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2010 Elections

Ron Paul Responds to TSA: Introduces ‘American Traveler Dignity Act’

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2010 Elections

Post Election Analysis: What are people saying?

 Republicans were disappointed that they lost all their congressional challenges, and all their races for statewide constitutional offices. Democrats are savoring a “clean sweep” in Massachusetts in the middle of a devastating collapse at the national level.

There are many good post election analysis articles out on the web worth looking at. I don’t have every good article out there – but I’ve got examples of all the major themes going around and who is pushing them.


Democratic Spin: “Republican Failure”

The Boston Globe says Democratic success was due largely to a well organized “get out the vote” effort, principally engineered in Massachusetts’ urban centers and manned by union volunteers:

“Of all the things that went right for Patrick Tuesday, one big one was Menino’s legendary machine. By the end of the day, more Bostonians had voted than in 2006, supplying Patrick with vital support in the state’s most important Democratic stronghold. Help from labor unions, particularly the Service Employees International Union and the building trades, provided critical muscle on the ground. Neighborhood organizers with decades of political experience lent their expertise and personal networks.”

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2010 Elections

Internet Media Strategy Tips for Political Candidates

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What all Political Campaigns Should Know

The internet, search engines and FaceBook are increasingly important tools for candidates to get their message out. It is fast, inexpensive, and allows you to target messages to very narrow voter audiences.

An internet strategy is not going to win you the election. There is no substitute for calling voters, knocking on doors, and having a robust “get out the vote” effort. But it is an indispensable tool to define the campaign issues and to help define you as a candidate.

We are going to go in detail about what you need to do, with example from some of this year’s best run internet political campaigns. This is the kind of advice the really big campaigns get, and we’re going to even the playing field a little.

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2010 Elections

Massachusetts Election 2010 is the State's Fastest Growing Political Blog

I want to share with you some information about the great progress we’ve been making in building this platform for a public conversation about our political future. I promise I won’t be writing many braggy articles about our growth.


Traffic Is Through the Roof

Traffic has been growing slowly and steadily over the past few months. But it really took off once we approached the primary. I know that politics web sites get a temporary jump in traffic around primary day. But we’ve taken a huge jump that is more than just primary traffic – over 5x growth in the past few days.

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2010 Elections

Dan Bernstein & Dan Payne: What Mass Political Commentators are Watching for in Mass. Primaries

Dan Bernstein has an excellent overview of the races to watch in today’s primary. As usual he is well informed and his list of interesting races is nearly complete. Here are some of the races he’s watching:

Who’s afraid of a primary? Massachusetts Democratic incumbents can typically relax, because fellow Democrats don’t challenge their own, and the state’s GOP is hapless. That sense will likely be reinforced if this year’s intraparty bids fail badly — so opponents of complacency will be interested to see if folks like Mac D’Alessandro (running against Cong. Steve Lynch), Charles Rudnick (against st. sen. Cynthia Creem), Hassan Williams (against st. sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz), Chris Walsh (against st. rep. Pam Richardson), Anthony Guardia (against st. rep. Mark Falzone), and Matthew Albanese (against st. rep. Christine Canavan) can at least come close enough to keep Dems on their toes in the future.

–Other mighty clashes. For pure lovers of old-fashioned Boston-area political dogfighting, there’s no better race than the state senate rematch between Sal DiDomenico and Tim Flaherty. Eileen Donoghue and Christian Doherty are scorching the earth in the state senate race to replace the legendary Pangy. Both sides of the state senate race for O’Leary’s seat have interesting character contrasts. There are an unusual number of good races for Governors Council, which is to say there are any. And, among the many interesting state rep races, the scrum for Robert Spillane’s Worcester seat stands out as the one most likely to involve people attacking each other with signs before the polls close. And what more can you want?

He misses the contest between Mike Walsh and Mike Rush which is definitely worth watching as well.

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2010 Elections

The Tea Party: Radical Extremists or Educators?

With the November elections not far away, I want to take a look at the Tea Party Movement and and share my thoughts on what I see the movement as.

The first question one has to ask is what is the Tea Party movement. It certainly has been described as many things, a third political party, a racist organization, a bunch of right-wingers bent on ousting the current president, a movement to overthrow the Government by violent means. While every group has their fringe elements, this is not how I see the Tea Party movement, certainly not at the local level here in Massachusetts. This is based on my having attended various Tea Party group meetings and events. I have never seen any evidence of racism, violence, talk of impeachment or any of the things the Tea Party movement is accused of. Being a sceptic,  I have looked for this evidence and have found none.

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2010 Elections

Bob Monty: The MassGOP's Meadow Muffin Minefield

The people that once bestowed commands, consulships, legions, and all else, now concerns itself no more, and longs eagerly for just two things – bread and circuses! — Juvenal

Jennifer Nassour

In a published 2009 interview titled “The Thin Red Line” in the GLBT news-paper Bay Windows, MassGOP Chair Jennifer Nassour said: “To me social issues are personal issues. Those are personal views, and we are not legislating here – at least I am not legislating anyone’s personal views. I have no personal agenda I’m trying to push through other than electing Republicans.” (No, I, Bob Monty, did not make up that quote.)

She went on to say that her top priority was to reinvigorate the GOP’s grass roots activists; that under her stewardship, there would be no statements from GOP headquarters on social conservative causes such as opposition to same-sex marriage or abortion. At the same time, there seemed to be no plans for the MassGOP to take more progressive positions on social issues under her leadership. Like with presents under a “Holiday” tree, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in the pretty, wrapped boxes.

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Campaign Video Roundup: Candidates Embrace a More Personal and Informal Style

Candidates are moving beyond party to a new more personal and informal style.

Campaign video has changed a great deal from just a few years ago. Campaign television advertising has always used deep sonorous voices of newscaster types to give the ads a voice of authority as they deliver messages for or against a candidate in the third person.

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Election News Shorts

Election News: Perry's Campaign Taking Off

Sal DiMasi asks for Corruption Charges to Be Dismissed. Judge says No.

The Herald reports that former House Speaker Sal DiMasi asked a federal judge to dismiss the latest charges in his corruption trial because they aren’t ‘related closely enough’ to the main charges. The judge refused. And it looks like gubernatorial candidate and current State Treasurer Tim Cahill may have to testify. It going to be quite an interesting election.

Jeff Perry’s Campaign for Congress Taking Off

A lot of good things have been happening in Jeff Perry’s bid for 10th Congressional. He announced today an endorsement by Sen. Scott Brown. His facebook and twitter numbers are rising fast. He’s got that Perry Patriots thing going. Joe Malone had his campaign kickoff yesterday, and got an endorsement from Bill Weld. WBUR says it’s ‘old GOP vs. new GOP’. I think new GOP is winning.

Creem Files Bill to Restrict Newspapers from Publishing Children’s Names

The Newton Tab is reporting that Sen Cynthia Creem filed a bill that would restrict newspapers from publishing children’s names without their parent’s written permission. It seems reasonable at first, until you consider that most parents like it when their kid makes the papers. This bill would probably end the practice of newspapers publishing the names of kids who make the honor roll, who won an award or scored a little league home run. She says it’s on behalf of some concerned parents. We’re sad for kids who have paranoid parents.

Chronicle on WCVB to Air a Special Report on Alimony Reform: “Alimony Acrimony”

WCVW TV Channel 5 will air a special report on the problems with Massachusetts Alimony law and the efforts to reform it on Thursday, March 25 at 7:30. It comes at a very good time. Tomorrow a legislative task force on Alimony Reform is meeting for the second time. The legislative clock is running out and H1785 is already on a legislative extension. Hopefully they will come out with a good recommendation.

2010 Elections

Health Care Reform Passes – Raises the Stakes for State Elections

The federal health care reform passed the House last night and Jay Fitzgerald has has an interesting article in this morning’s Herald on how this affects elections in Massachusetts:

An already intense and volatile Massachusetts political scene could be cranked up several notches by last night’s controversial votes for and against the Democratic health-care initiative – signaling a potentially long and brutal season ahead.

“We have people stepping up to the plate everywhere, with a lot of people wanting to run” against incumbents, said Linda Rapoza, a GOP state committeewoman and Fall River’s Tea Party president.

While passage of this bill is certainly going to make more people want to  get involved in state politics, I think there are already plenty of issues that have people worried. And it’s not just jobs and the economy either.

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