Brad Williams challenges Mike Rush to sign the No New Taxes Pledge

Brad Williams

Open Letter to Representative Michael F. Rush from State Senate Candidate Brad Williams

Dear Representative Rush,

As a current Commonwealth legislator, I am sure you have seen how the economic downturn has hurt Massachusetts families. Over the last four years, state government has raised taxes eight times, making it more difficult for households and small business to make ends meet. As a home and small business owner, I find these tax increases unacceptable and counter to economic growth. Consequently, I have taken Citizens for Limited Taxation’s No New Taxes Pledge. The Pledge mandates that I shall not vote for any new tax or tax increase when elected to the Massachusetts State Senate.

Over your four terms in office, you have demonstrated a disregard for the hard-working taxpayers and our scarce tax dollars. In 2005, you voted for House Bill 4440 which postponed the reduction of the personal income tax to 5%. We the people, as a state, voted for this measure in a 2000 ballot measure and yet you voted against implementing it. A personal income tax places a burden on households as well as small businesses. Small business owners, who account for 70% of the jobs in Massachusetts, often pay their business taxes through their personal income tax returns. Higher income taxes lead to less money being reinvested back into our businesses for expansion and the hiring of more workers.

In 2008, you voted for an increase in the corporate income tax (House Bill 4645). The consequence is that large employers are unlikely to come to Massachusetts and existing Massachusetts-based employers are moving well-paying jobs to other states. Massachusetts is now 47th out of 50 states in CEO Magazine’s 2010 ranking of the “Best States for Business” and 49th in overall negative impression of a state’s tax climate according to CFO Magazine in 2009.

In spite of your record, I hope you will join me in signing the No New Taxes Pledge. The taxpayers, employers and voters of our district and Massachusetts need relief from high state taxes. To this end, I have mailed you a registered letter and enclosed a copy of the pledge for you to sign.


Brad Williams

Brad Williams is the Republican candidate for state senate in the Suffolk and Norfolk district. The Brad Williams Committee headquarters is located at 1864 Centre Street, Suite 4, West Roxbury, 02132. For more information on Brad Williams please go to, Williams for Senate and

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