Bob Monty on Rep. Ron Mariano Part 2: Livin’ La Dolce Vida

Ronald Mariano

I want to follow up my last critique – Through the Looking Glass – about one of our most excellent bon vivants and state representatives. In it I presented some of his campaign finance information and a supposition that turned out to be true (I have a tendency to be conjecturally spot-on about 96 percent of the time).

I don’t have any personal vendettas for our elected patricians – what I do is highlight times when I think they’re either under-performing or just sleeping too late in the day to be of real use. Such is the case with of both of Weymouth’s state reps, who I call the M&M twins. What I write might be seen by some as mean spirited but somebody has to wake them up and get them to do the jobs they were elected to do – which to this point have been far less than worth mentioning.

To me, Ron Mariano – whom I refer to as Mariucci (after my goldfish with a thin mustache and is also somewhat hirsutely challenged) – well Ron is a social failure. With a $348,473 balance in his (2009) campaign account, lavished on him by high-rolling special interest folks currying favor, he does absolutely nothing for the people he represents and then goes out livin’ la Dolce Vida; wining and dining while many of his constituents are having a hard go. To me that’s wrong.

Mariucci, soon to be pension eligible, has run unopposed for well over a decade but his “campaign” money keeps pouring in at the clip of about $80K a year – almost like it’s “raining cats and dogs” or “buckets from the sky.” He’s living large and enjoying life and no one questions him. They keep re-electing him and pinning money on him like he’s the statue of a patron saint being pulled on a cart through the cobblestone streets of ancient Rome. Well at least the high rollers do.

I finished perusing his 2008 campaign reports and catalogued its data. With his entire accumulated treasure trove he gave $125 to Father Bill’s; $150 to the Italian Home for Children in JP; $200 to the Jimmy Fund and $285 to three other miscellaneous entities. That’s $760 total in contributions, folks – one-percent of what people lay at his feet each year – not quite up to tithing recommendations; especially with found money. That’s some sort of social consciousness isn’t it?

He didn’t give one dime, NADA, to help stock our local food pantry ($100 in 2010) or other pantries while spending well over $10,000 gorging him self and treating his friends to sumptuous meals. And it turns out that he did travel to Jerusalem after all – which was originally derisive speculation on my part. I’d suppose that his tan was dark enough – what with all of the “charitable” golf tournaments that he participates in here – to fit right in with the locals over there.

He also gave $15,000 to the Democratic State Committee – a component of that wonderful Party of socially conscious benefactors; provided that it comes from our ever-rising taxes – like the DSC really needed it. And, for some reason, it doesn’t show in his campaign finance report.

He’s done absolutely nothing for Weymouth and Weymouth comprises half of his legislative district. He brought home millions for Quincy four years ago and he’s been living high off the hog like a decadent oligarch.

I’d like to know what Weymouth ever did wrong to get stuck with him and his woefully ineffective teammate, WES (Worthless Empty Suit) Murphy. It has to be the curse of the ancient. indigenous Weymouth natives, who were murdered in their sleep by Myles Standish, the runt they named a state park after for his “valor” under a white flag of truce. The settlers were stealing from the natives and got caught, so Standish was called up from Plymouth to handle the situation at the behest of the unprepared settlers; who had been thrown out of Plymouth Colony for stealing from the settlers there.

The naïve natives were murdered in a drunk-induced sleep and for that we got stuck with the woeful M&M twins.


  • tbunz
    August 13, 2010 - 2:25 pm | Permalink

    Great reporting!

  • tbunz
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    Great reporting!

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