Bob Monty on Nassour’s MassGOPolicy: FAIL!

Bob Monty

Massachusetts’ voters are purportedly all fired up and eager to throw out all the incumbents this November – but not the MassGOP. Its concentration is on the top-tier offices of governor, light governor, a smattering of other constitutional state offices and a couple of congressional seats – just not the state Legislature.

The absurdity that gubernatorial candidate and health care multi-millionaire Charlie Baker and his new BFF and former New York political operative and now MassGOP leader, Jennifer Nassour, is proposing, is to get the top ticket jobs and worry about the state’s House and Senate seats two years from now – when he will be just another lame duck (if he wins). He’ll never be able to sustain a veto (if he wins) – just like his Democrat predecessor, DeFault Patrick (if he loses); and all those before him. All of our recent governors have been woeful pawns to the whims of the Legislature, so why is no one aiming to control it instead of the Corner Office? Must be the drapes – yeah… that’s it – they like the drapes.

Anyway, Baker contends that two years from now, the MassGOP will have been able to weed through all the GOP chaff and then cherry-pick those who are deserving of the GOP State Committee’s love, attention and funding – provided that the newly discovered bum-kissers bring woven prayer mats and supplicate on quivering knees before the almighty State Committee and Her Royal Highness.

According to recent reports, 26 House seats are open for reasons such as retirement, campaigns for higher office and in one case, death. Ninety-six Democrats and 12 Republi-cans will face no major party opponents in November. That leaves a preposterous number of 26 challengers to the 160-member status quo. What the hell is wrong with those in the MassGOP hierarchy? They bitch and complain that we have one-party rule and then sit on the sidelines twiddling their thumbs while Rome continues to burn.

It makes one wonder if all they are good at is bitching and complaining. Are they loath to hard work, sacrifice and making a real difference, or do they just enjoy being obstruction-ists – the so-called Party of NO? Well, when it comes to fielding candidates in a year so rightly filled with voter discontent and disconnect – they have NO candidates – making them The Party of NO Candidates. They’re not even relying on Scott Brown’s “Perfect Storm” victory, which propelled him into the vaunted (snicker, snicker) “Ted Kennedy’s Seat” over the lackluster, self-destructing, and-then-mortally-wounded, GOP-unopposed-for-AG Martha Coakley. (But she does have a GOP write-in challenger according to the street. WORD UP…)

Fortunately, a number of people, me included, are running as “Independents” (like Tim Cahill), although there really is no such political party “identity” in Massachusetts. We are running as “Unenrolleds”; an oxymoron if ever there was one (it should be changed to Unaffiliated – or is that too oddly logical?). We’re not really “unenrolled”; we just want nothing to do with either major D or R party – and we don’t want their continual junk mail asking for money so they can keep up their “good work” of always screwing the people.

There’s another option the voters and potential candidates should know of – as mentioned above – and that is the write-in vote in the Primary. All one needs to do to be placed on the November ballot is to acquire a minimum of 150 votes as a write-in legislative candidate. The complete details are available through the Secretary of State’s Website. There you will find what is necessary in complete detail – whether it’s having people write in your name or to supply them with stickers to place on the ballots.

Although the law is anally specific about the size of the stickers and somewhat deterring for the write-in novice, don’t let anyone BS you; it is the intent of the voter that matters. If all that a voter does is write in your first and last name – or places your return address label on the ballot and fills the adjoining oval circle, that vote counts. If there is no GOP or Democrat running in the Primary and you belong to the opposite Party, get at least 200-300 people in your district to commit to stickering or writing you in.

I believe that “Unenrolled” candidates can do the same but you had better check with Secretary Galvin’s office RIGHT NOW! Give the people the choice they deserve – don’t just sit on the sidelines bitching and complaining for the next two years and the next two years and the next two years after that.

Get off your butt and do something or continue to suffer the indignities and consequences of not stepping up to the plate; you need to step up or shut up. Those who stay home or do nothing deserve every vicious beating they get from our out-of-control state government. A scant few of us are not going to let them continue to have their way with us. We, collectively, have had enough. Like Howard Beale, we are no longer satisfied to have steel-belted tires, toasters and color TVs. At the very least, we’re going to make them work and spend lots of time and money to get re-elected. We’ll be doing our part to stimulate the economy – at least for the printers and mail houses.

In closing, this is the year that a senior-year Political Science major (U – Weymouth) has a 55-45 chance of knocking off Ron Mariano (D – Quincy, Holbrook, Weymouth and Mars). Finally, lo these many years, someone stepped up to the plate to challenge the 18-year incumbent and Mariano was so terrified that he actually had one of his gofers challenge the signatures the young man gathered, submitted and had certified as required.


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