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Joe Van Nes: A Final Message

Joe Van Nes

I congratulate Bill Keating on his win. This letter is not aimed at him, just the system in general in which we all live. I hope Mr. Keating has the ability to stand up to special interests and keep the people in mind when he is tempted with money and power. I would also like to encourage him to look outside the box in his search for solutions and not be restricted by the status quo. I’m sure I speak for the entire district when I wish him the best of luck.

Moving on…

You know it’s election season when only “noncombat” troops remain in Iraq and “terrorists” start sending their last minute bombs in the mail from Yemen. Just like they assured us before the primaries, our army was leaving Iraq, the media spent the last days of the election talking about explosives which did not explode. Keep the fear alive, but at controllable levels and you can get the “sheeple” to vote for the “lesser of two evils” every time. I wonder what’s going to almost happen right before the next election.

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