As the Probation Department Scandal and Inquiry Widens, Rush’s Silence is Deafening

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Mike Rush
Mike Rush

State Representative Rush failed to adequately respond to State Senate candidate Brad Williams’ call for Rush to fully disclose and explain his involvement with the Massachusetts Probation Department scandal as outlined by the Boston Globe Spotlight Team on May 23, 2010. In an article published on May 29, the Boston Globe states, “Rush responded in an e-mail to the Globe, writing, ‘I have no comment.’”

Williams stated that “Rush’s flip response to these serious allegations against him only serve to discredit Rush’s denials of impropriety. In particular, he should respond to allegations from within and outside of the Probation Department that he has used his position on the House Ways and Means Committee to unduly influence the hiring decisions at the Probation Department – or what I called ‘tribal patronage’ in a recent Boston Globe article.” As long as the Probation Department is under investigation, Williams calls on Representative Rush to disclose and disgorge any campaign contributions received from Probation Department employees and their families over his four terms in office.

The Globe Spotlight Series again shed light on the patronage, mismanagement and general disregard for public safety at the Probation Department on July 25, 2010. With strong support from state legislators, Probation Department spending exploded 163 percent over the last decade while other public safety agencies’ budgets grew by no more than 20 percent. This spending includes at least 250 relatives, friends and financial supporters of politicians or court officials. The lack of ‘best practices’, commitment to better public safety outcomes and high rates of recidivism will require new jail construction over the next decade at a cost of $500 million and an additional $45 million in annual operating costs, according to the Massachusetts Executive Office for Administration and Finance.

Williams continued, “It has been almost eight years since the voters in the 10th Suffolk District sent Rush to Beacon Hill to act as our fiduciary and to safeguard our scarce tax dollars. Instead he ignored us as Rush favored his family and tribe at the Probation Department over the rest of the hard-working taxpayers in the 10th Suffolk district. Representative Rush was in a unique position on the Ways and Means Committee to change the direction and reputation of the Probation Department. Instead he enabled the patronage and unethical practices while compromising public safety. Rush should have recused himself from any business before the House Ways and Means Committee that dealt with the Probation Department. In the business world, his actions are called self-dealing, insider trading and represent a clear conflict of interest.”

Williams concluded, “This fall Representative Rush is asking the voters of the Suffolk and Norfolk district for promotion to the state senate. I don’t speak for the electorate, but I know they are sick and tired of favoritism and those who represent narrow, self-serving special interest groups. Given all of the problems we face at the State House, I cannot imagine that the rest of the Suffolk and Norfolk district would be comfortable turning over the reins to him.”


Brad Williams is the Republican candidate for state senate in the Suffolk and Norfolk district. The Brad Williams Committee headquarters is located at 1864 Centre Street, Suite 4, West Roxbury, 02132. For more information on Brad Williams please go to, Williams for Senate and

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