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Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren First Debate Video

The candidates came out swinging. Brown started by immediately questioning Warren’s claim of being a native american saying that “She checked the box claiming she’s a Native American, and clearly she’s not. The only way to set the record straight is to release your personnel records … and you refuse to release your records, and I think that speaks volumes.”

Warren countered saying: “I never used it, never used it for getting into college, never used it for getting into law school. There’s nothing else there, the question has been asked and answered. I think the senator just doesn’t like the answer.”

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2012 Elections Congress Senate Senate

Elizabeth Warren: Is She Anti-Business?

2010 Elections

Ron Paul Responds to TSA: Introduces ‘American Traveler Dignity Act’

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Taking Down Scotty Brown

Scott Brown

Could any Dems topple #41 in six weeks?

Now that the 2010 election is behind us, we can begin to focus on the truly important task of governing. Just kidding. We’re just going to focus on the 2012 election.

The speculation about which Democrat could beat Scott Brown officially began on January 20, but it has already ramped up in the 36 hours or so since all of #41’s endorsees got trounced at the polls. In the Globe today, Alan Wirzbicki tossed out names like Congressman Mike Capuano and Alan Khazei (both of whom fell to Coakley in last year’s primary), Congressman Stephen Lynch, Newton Mayor Setti Warren, and even financial executive and social security wiz Bob Pozen.

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2010 Elections

Post Election Analysis: What are people saying?

 Republicans were disappointed that they lost all their congressional challenges, and all their races for statewide constitutional offices. Democrats are savoring a “clean sweep” in Massachusetts in the middle of a devastating collapse at the national level.

There are many good post election analysis articles out on the web worth looking at. I don’t have every good article out there – but I’ve got examples of all the major themes going around and who is pushing them.


Democratic Spin: “Republican Failure”

The Boston Globe says Democratic success was due largely to a well organized “get out the vote” effort, principally engineered in Massachusetts’ urban centers and manned by union volunteers:

“Of all the things that went right for Patrick Tuesday, one big one was Menino’s legendary machine. By the end of the day, more Bostonians had voted than in 2006, supplying Patrick with vital support in the state’s most important Democratic stronghold. Help from labor unions, particularly the Service Employees International Union and the building trades, provided critical muscle on the ground. Neighborhood organizers with decades of political experience lent their expertise and personal networks.”

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4th - Frank Bielat Sholley Congress

Video: Barney Frank’s Graceless Victory Speech

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Frank calls out his opponents including the Herald, by name – and the Herald has a reaction:

Newspapers live for moments like the one Barney Frank gave us on election night. To be called out – by name – by a 30-year incumbent. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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Winslow Nacewicz

Video: Rep. Elect Dan Winslow and Sen. Bob Hedlund on the Future of the Massachusetts Republican Party

Charlie Baker Governor

Video: Charlie Baker's Concession Speech

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10th - Perry Malone Keating

Joe Van Nes: A Final Message

Joe Van Nes

I congratulate Bill Keating on his win. This letter is not aimed at him, just the system in general in which we all live. I hope Mr. Keating has the ability to stand up to special interests and keep the people in mind when he is tempted with money and power. I would also like to encourage him to look outside the box in his search for solutions and not be restricted by the status quo. I’m sure I speak for the entire district when I wish him the best of luck.

Moving on…

You know it’s election season when only “noncombat” troops remain in Iraq and “terrorists” start sending their last minute bombs in the mail from Yemen. Just like they assured us before the primaries, our army was leaving Iraq, the media spent the last days of the election talking about explosives which did not explode. Keep the fear alive, but at controllable levels and you can get the “sheeple” to vote for the “lesser of two evils” every time. I wonder what’s going to almost happen right before the next election.

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Ballot Questions Issues

Massachusetts 2010 Ballot Questions Election Results: Yes, No, No

Question – 1-Drop Alcohol Sales Tax – Ballot Issue
2119 of 2168 Precincts Reporting – 98%
Name Votes Vote %
Yes 1,107,141 52%
No 1,029,925 48%

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